0.5 Micron Homebrew Beer Oxygenation Diffusion Carbonation Stone

Carbonation Stone, a device used to diffuse carbon dioxide into beer. … Usually used inside a brewery bright tank or a brewpub serving tank, the carbonation stone is a hollow cylinder, capped at one end, into which carbon dioxide is forced under pressure.


0.5 Micron Carbonation Stone

Carbonate your beer just like the pros with this Carbonating Stone. Affix to a long dip tube installed on the gas side of the Cornelius keg. Set your regulator to about 14 psi, and the gas will be forced through the millions of tiny pores in the stone, which dissolves the gas into the liquid.

Use this 0.5 micron oxygen stone with an oxygen source or aeration pump to provide your yeast with oxygen pre-fermentation. The barb is 1/4″ OD. (Note: if you are using an aeration pump, we recommend a “deep water” type for aquariums, as these will have the necessary PSI to force the air through the stone and into the wort)

Sanitizing your Diffusion Stone: To properly sanitize your stones, we recommend you run it in a sanitized solution for 5 minutes. If the stone becomes clogged we recommend boiling the stone for 1-3 minutes to help break down anything within it. If boiling is not an option, we recommend soaking in Star San, which will remove a majority of surface contamination/bacteria, but will not sanitize the interior of the stone which may or may not be contaminated.

Please Note: To prevent the pores from getting clogged, we recommend not handling the porous end directly with your fingers.

Oxygenation Diffusion Carbonation Stone

Made out of 316 Stainless Steel
0.5 Micron Stone
1/2″ OD Barb
1 7/8″ Total Length
1″ Stone Length
1/2″ Diameter

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