1000L Craft/Industrial/Commercial Stainless steel 304 Fermenter brewing equipment

Full high quality stainless steel fermentation tank manufacturer,wrapper with 2mm high quality stainless steel, the middle medium high-performance polyurethane insulation,according to user’s requirements various specifications of the product design and manufacturing.


Under the action of tne beer yeast,the fermenter brewing equipment is a series of biochemical reaction with the fermentable nutrients as the substrate.Fermentation tank id one of the important equipment in the beer product process.All fermenters were made up of the imported high quality stainless steel reaching to the food sanitation standard; internal polished ≤0.6μm。It can keep warm by polyurethane foam.With stainless steel Miller/ice pipe to cool down.

What is the fermenter brewing equipment?

Beer fermenting system mainly includes fermentation tank,bright beer tank,yeast propagation equipment and cooling.

Fermentation tank

  1. The inner of the fermentation tank are adopted good quality stainless steel.Use polyurethane to keep warm.The outside scarfskin is according to the customer’s requirement.You can choose stainless steel ,carbon steel and so on.
  2. Adopt the international standard of fermentation technology,on line database inspection and monitoring technology. The inner surface of tank is mirror-polished.The standard is ≤0.6μm.Completely meet the demand of sterilize system.
  3. The cooling jacket can achieve all countries’ standard,supply Miller.Meet cooling technology of coolant and pressure

                                                                                    Fermentation tank details


Fermentation tank Technical Parameter



Inner surface treatment:welds grinded to 0.6μm。

Insulation:Polyurethane-thickness 100mm

Temperature way:Double matal thermometer

Outsourcing surface:Weld polishing processing

Equipment with: cone 60° resist compression design,dripping temperature drop

CIP 360 degrees Omni bearing cleaning


                   Fermentation tank farm

Bright beer tank

  1. Adopted the scientific technology to keep pressure,cooling,there is also a jacket in the cone to low the temperature.Realized lowering the temperature rapidly,lowering the part,lowering the cone.
  2. Perfect cleaning condition ,scientific design of the tank,head and the cone.Ensure the CO₂ supply,low temperature of the beer,cleaning os the tank.Ensure the tank is connrcted and shares with the CIP syetem,glycol water,temperature control.


Beer production cooing system generally use the liquid ammonia refrigeration compressor unit and the refrigerant tank for the tempereture reducing.Not only plays a role in cooling butit is benefit for keeping the beer fresh and taste.There are two coolants: one is liquid state ammonia and the other id glycol water.


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1.Cord ,film membrane

2.Firm membrane, wood box for free fumigation

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