1000L jacketed and insulated cylindrical stainless steel fermenter for sale

1000L conical fermentation tank is currently for sale. Completely made in China. And we have it in stock. Top manufacturing craft and prominent guarantee period. Faster delivery.



Features of fermentation tank:

  1. Sanitary stainless steel 304 structured
  2. 100% TIG welded and sanitary polishing
  3. Working pressure: 1.5-2 bar,   Design pressure: 3 bar
  4. Insulated tank with PU
  5. Single or dual cooling zones with glycol water inlet and oulet
  6. 4 pcs of heavy duty stainless steel legs with leveling pats
  7. inner shell: stainless steel 304,  thickness: 3.0mm
  8. Sanitary spraying ball 360 degree of coverage
  9. Inner mirror polishing and sand polishing for outer shell
  10. Racking arm and draining port with valves
  11. All connection ways are clamp connection


  1. Dry hopping hole
  2. Pressure relief valve (Vacuum valve)
  3. Side manhole  (Top manhole as alternative)
  4. RTD sensor (Temperature sensor)
  5. Sampling valve
  6. Thermometer
  7. Pressure gauge
  8. Pressure bunging device
  9. Racking arm
  10. Spraying ball
  11. Lifting lugs
  12. Ladder hooks
  13. Carbonation stone well if necessary
  14. Co2 overflow pipe

Temperature control box for fermentation system:

  1. Display module for individual tank
  2. Compact and optimal design
  3. Temperature sensors for each tank are included
  4. Fused and relay protected
  5. Siemens/Schneider components if requested
  6. Input voltage: customizable

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  1. Within the warranty period, any malfunctions caused by the quality issues or material issue, Degong will be responsible to it.
  2. After delivering the equipments to our customers, Degong will arrange special worker to do the track service,because we set up the marketing department for specially dealing with the feedback of customers for providing the satisfied service. Once Degong gets the feedback from customers, we will do our best to deal with it for you.
  3. For the malfunctions beyond the warranty period, Degong will also be responsible to it, but the seller should take in charge of the expenses.
  4. Degong can dispatch technicians to install the equipments for you, but the seller should take charge of the expenses.


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