1000L Professional Beer Making Equipment Pilsen/IPA Beer Brewing Tank Flexible Microbrewery Plant

DEGONG has been manufacturing and supplying beer brewing project since the 2012.During this time DEGONG has built a large number of beer brewing project around the world.We recognize that every brewer and brewery are different, and we take pride in helping our clients plan their projects from start to finish. Whether you are just looking to start with your first system or looking to expand upon your business that you have cultivated for years, DEGONG has the resources that can help you at every stage of the project.


Turnkey beer making equipment contains several key pieces of beer brewing equipment. The brewhouse of mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, and whirlpool, in the skilled hand of the brewmaster, convert grain that has been milled through a specialty grain mill, into sweet liquid called “wort”.  Wort is subsequently fermented and finished in specialized beer tanks called fermenters and brite tanks.


Beer brewhouse

The brewhouse is both the heart and engine of the brewery where several critical processes in the creation of craft beer are performed. Brewhouses, along with other key pieces of brewing equipment, vary in capacity, features, and complexity, but all brewhouses share the need to wet grain, separate the wort from the grain, and boil the wort with a heating source.

The mashing system contains mash tank,lauter tank,boiling tank and whirlpool tank.You can combine them freely.

The most common construction is mash/lauter tank+Boiling whirlpool tank+hot liquid tank

beer brewhouse mashing system


What is a Mash Tun/Lauter Tun Combination?

A mash tun/lauter tun combination combines all the functionality of both a mash tun and a lauter tun, both key components in a brewhouse, into a single tank component where all of the following brewing processes take place:

  • Mashed Malt  combine with metered hot water
  • Complex starches are converted into fermentable simple sugars
  • Circulated wort over a grain bed in a clarifying process called vorlauf
  • Sugars come out from the grain during the sparge cycle
  • Wetted grain is separated from liquid wort using a false bottom filter screen before transfer to the brew kettle
  • Combining the mash tun and lauter tun functionality into a single tank unit increases your efficiency and reduces your brewing equipment costs

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What is brew kettle/Whirlpool tank combination

Brew Kettles, key components of any brewhouse,  where wort boil for approximately 60 to 90 minutes. During boil,add initial hops into the brewing process.Then the boiled wort is precisely swirled to precipitate solids to accumulate them in a neat cone called a trub pile. Whirlpooling is the final brewing process before the wort is cooled in a wort chiller and yeast is pitched, initiating fermentation within a fermenter.



  • 304 SS or 316LSS or copper.
  • 30% head space at least for each tank
  • Motorized mash mixers, lauter rakes and spent-grain plow
  • ABB Siemens motors/pumps on the whole system
  • Stainless steel process piping, work cabinet and control cabinet
  • Siemens/Schneider/Omron electric element
  • Grirst hydrator bowl with hot/cold liquor blending
  • Sight level indicators on fermenting system.
  • Insulated with a minimum of 100mm Chloride-Free PU Insulation.
  • Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.4 μm without dead corner
  • Adjustable Levelers provide a level tank regardless of floor slope;
Optional items include:
  • Wort grants
  • Dual-stage heat exchangers
  • Wort oxygenation assembly with wight glass
  • Hop backs
  • Flow meters/totalizers
  • Full skid mounting.


Fermentation tank of beer making equipment

Fermentation tanks, or more commonly fermenters, are key components in beer brewing. Fermenters are specialized tanks of precisely control temperature and maintain the optimal conditions for fermentation, which occurs once the transfer wort to the fermenter from the brewhouse; a conical-bottom design for fermenters allowing for easier yeast harvesting.

stainless steel beer fermenter

DEGONG’S  Fermentation Tanks provide the brewer with several key advantages:
  • Every fermenter has a ultimate drain and 60 degree conical bottom for rapid and easy yeast harvest and clean-out
  • Precision laser welded dimple jacket with integrated baffling, reduces glycol demand and increases tank efficiency by 25%
  • Insulated vessels add efficiency, minimize heat-loading, and reduce safety hazards
  • Made of 100% non-reactive, sanitary-finished, 304 food-grade stainless steel


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Capacities available include:
  • 100% food-grade 304 and 316 stainless steel, 12-gauge inner tank steel and 14-gauge shell materials
  • All fermenters is 14.7 PSI (1 bar) operating pressure
  • Two-zone glycol jacketing encompasses the 60-degree conical cone and sidewalls
  • Top-mount manway (optional side-mount configurations available)
  • Complete thermal insulation of side walls and cones
  • All insulation is fire retardant fiber cloth (not foam)
  • All welds are sanitary food-grade finish



Wooden packing or Frame Packing to avoid demaging during transportation




After delivering the equipments to our customers, Degong will arrange special worker to do the track service,because we set up the marketing department for specially dealing with the feedback of customers for providing the satisfied service. Once Degong gets the feedback from customers, we will do our best to deal with it for you.

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