1000L stainless steel customized commercial beer brewing equipment for sale


1000L stainless steel customized beer brewing equipment for sale

1000 L beer equipment is favorite by some intermediate breweries or restaurants owners, which can help them to brew 1000-1800 L beer per day. Its production capacity is flexible, you can decide how much beer would you want to brew per month according to the quantities of fermenter you choose.


Beer brewing process Malt is ground in the grain mill.

The milled grains are transported with bags to mash kettle.

In the mash tun the grist is mixed with brewing water from hot water tank(to form the mash)

In the lauter tun the dissolved liquid extract (wort) is separated from the solids (spent grains)

Brewing kettle is used for boiling.

Whirlpooling is creating by circulating the wort.

The cold wort is pumped through a hose from the heat exchanger to the fermentation cellar via the brew house pump.

The wort ferments in the fermentation tank.

The green beer matures in the serving tank.

After the ageing process the beer can be served directly from this tank.

Beer brewing equipment drawing


Basic technical parameter
Material SUS304/SUS316/red Copper
Application Brewpub Beer Brewery Restaurant
Function Brewing beer
Shell Mirror Polished/Brushed
Brewing System 2 vessels, 3 vessels, 4 vessels
Heating method Electric/Steam Heating
Heat preservation method Polyurethane insulation layer
Insulation 100 mm
Cooling System Glycol/Ice water tank&Chiller
Control System PLC/PID
Thickness Inner Body Thickness: 3mm, outer shell is2mm

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