10bbl automatic turnkey brewery equipment mash/lauter tun & brewkettle/whirlpool tun

DGET- brewery equipment for launching your own facility or private brewery for selling beer in selling points.
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Si usted es una empresa nueva, una cervecería artesanal bien establecida o una marca líder en el mercado, puede beneficiarse de DGET en la industria cervecera. Nuestro catálogo de equipos de alta calidad abarca desde sistemas completos hasta unidades de proceso y componentes.

BREWERY Brewhouse system features:


2 vessel brewhouse with bright appearance

Mash/lauter tun(Brewery equipment)
  • 150 dgree bottom design
  • Grist hydrator
  • Retractable lautering rakes with spent grain plow assembly
  • Actuated knife-gate valve for spent grain removal
  • Multi-port wort draw off plumbing
  • Optional side steam jacket

3 min

Equipo de la cervecería

Brewery Brewkettle/whirlpool 

  • Steam Jackets
  • Optional external calandria for accelerated boil
  • Vent stack condenser
  • Kettle sour capability
  • Tangential inlet design
  • Re-circulation plumbing to cool wort pre-whirlpool for hop additions

Brewery Liquor tanks

Hot and cold liquor tanks using either heating/cooling jackets or heat exchangers

20 bbl hot liquor tank-min

20BBL hot liquor tank available


Custom layout options(Meet the ergonomics design)


Stainless steel working platform


Intercambiador de calor de placas

Fermenting system features:


Brewery  equipment fermenters in cellar

Fermenters features:

  • All fermenters use dimple jacket technology and multiple zones to maximize glycol cooling performance, allowing the brewer to crash cool beers and maintain lagering temperatures.
  • We manufacture fermenters in all the most popular sizes:5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90, and 120 barrels, but can create any volume you wish, up to 320 barrels.
  • Horizontal lagering tanks are available as well.
  • A controls package is available which includes a temperature controller that mounts directly to tank and a glycol solenoid valve.
  • Unitank kit available which includes carb stone and port for function as a brite tank if necessary.


A row of beer fermenters


Top manhole optional


Pressure Relief Valve


Sistema CIP

Dry Hop Port Sight Tube


Fermentation tanks components

Lifting ear;carbonation stone;racking arm;side manhole;drain outlet

Ancillary equipment:

Complete grain management including:

Heat exchanger to cool the wort during transfer to the fermenter

Hot water recovery

Dedicated vessel pumps

Roller millsAugers and conveyors
Grist hoppersSlide gates
HydratorsCIP systems
Keg washersDry hopping systems
Yeast brinks and propagatorsBoilers(electric;diessel;gas)
Glycol Chillers

 The full version of brewing that I really want to…

The brewery process:


Introducción a la DGET:

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