10BBL commercial sus304 conical customized beer fermenter tank


A row of shiny fermenter tanks in the restaurant


Fermenter tank detail

Fermenter tank features:

  • Level Indicator (standard) for inner tank.
  • Vacuum/Pressure combined valve. Tank top fittings, pressure gauge.
  • Optional : Pressure keeping valve with sight glass for controlling and monitoring fermenting process.
  • Built in rotary spray ball within the inner tank for cleaning.
  • 60-degree cone bottom with an average of 25% head space.
  • Optional : Sanitary sampling valve, with the shortest connection on the tank, easily CIP cleanable.
  • Manual ball valve for easy glycol changing over thus temperature control.
  • Other customization possible upon request.

Beer fermentation tank is also called CCT, fermenters are made of SUS 304, for fermentation and maturation of beer. We design, manufacture all variety fermenters from 500L to 30000L . With all the necessary valves, connections, microbrewery fermenters are the CE certification.


Safe relief valve:

The temperature in the tank increases during fermentation, so it is necessary to install a safety release valve.

Breather valve:

Prevent the tank from producing negative pressure, protect the safety of fermentation tank.

Sampling valve:

Sampling holes in the tank help the winemaker keep an eye on the fermentation.

Pressure gauge:

The fermentation process produces a lot of carbon dioxide, so the pressure in the tank increases.

The pressure gauge can be used to ensure that the pressure in the tank is within a reasonable range.

The temperature probe:

The temperature is monitored through a thermometer, and the refrigeration system is started when the set temperature is reached.



1.Made by nice stainless steel 304,sanitary grade,

2.Interior cooling plate has better performance of heat exchanging,

3.Reasonable prices


After-sales Service Provided:

2 years of tank and 6 months of accessories guarantee, lifelong maintenance at cost charge

7×24 hours per week email&phone available

Maintenance, return & exchanges services


Brew process

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