10BBL Sanitary Grade Operating Industrial Beer Brewing Equipment In Brewery

DEGONG provides semi and fully automated beer brewing equipment worldwide, including installation, training to start your production. We deliver Brewhouses & turnkey projects and  like tanks, CIP unit, Keg cleaning, pasteurizer, yeast propagation.


Brewery description


Beer brewing process:Water treatment(if needed)–milling–mashing–lautering–boiling–whirlpooling–cooling–fermentig–maturing–fillig–Ppckaging

DEGONG is a full-service brewery and parts outfitter. We are proud to offer brew houses, tanks and small parts to brewers across the world. Brewhouses and fermenters from 3 BBL, ancillary components including steam boilers and chillers, stainless Tri-Clamp parts, yeast brinks and keg washers and more. We have some of the quickest lead times in the industry along with a huge inventory of tanks between 3-50BBL in stock. Our brewhouse equipment can be certified to TUV&CE standards, where applicable.


2 vessel brewhouse system with platform

10 BBL beer brewing equipment Steam Brewhouse:

2 Vessel configuration with combination Mash/Lauter HLT +Kettle/Whirlpool.

All piping, Mash/Lauter tun, Kettle/Whirlpool, Work platform with stairs and railing, 2 sanitary pumps, brewhouse plumbing, valves, sight-glass, heat exchanger, rakes, all vessels on steam systems jacketed, Motor, Gear box, Control Panel equipped , Thermocouples, PID controllers, Grist Hydrator. Recommended steam boiler(three types:electric boliers;gas boilers and diesel boilers) All pumps and rakes variable speed for superior fluid control.


Sight glass;brewhouse plumb;spray ball;


10 BBL beer brewing equipment Fermenter:

Standard 10 BBL Fermenter. Fully equiped and ready for service.

Also available as Unitank.

Height 2800mm, width 1400mm


Fermenters ss304 in beer brewing equipment factory



False bottom;Rakes;Spent grain hatch; Adjustable legs–beer brewing equipment


10BBL accessible brite tanks beer brewing equipment

DEGONG not only specializes in brewery equipment, but we are also eager to help out our partners in the Distilling industry. If you’re in need of industry leading stainless steel tanks, please reach out to us so that we can provide you with any information you may need!


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