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We manufacture and supply brewhouse that vary in size from 100 to 5,000 litres beer per brew. All our brewery equipment is suitable for brewpubs, restaurants, craft breweries and beer production. DEGONG brewery systems are turn-key and consist of malt mill, heating, controls and installation and training.


The brewhouse is used to get quality wort by mashing, lautering, boiling and whirlpooling etc. In the independent commercial or industrial beer plant, the brewhouse is usually customized to three even four vessel for getting a super output, 4-5 batches per day. Accordingly, the brewmasters would work in shifts to keep the brewhouse running at day and night. In order to save labor efficiently, the control system of brewhouse equipment usually be much more automatic, such as the pneumatic valve etc. It is in compliance with modern brewery standards and specifications. Besides, in some beer plant, the brewmasters would add secondary ingredient as adjunct starch source, like rice, corn etc.

A complete brewery equipment system consists mainly of the parts shown in the table below.
Commercial Stainless Steel Beer Brewery Equipment
Components Specification
Milling System Miller Double Roller
Heating System Boiler (steam heating) Electric, steam and direct fire heating
Brewhouse System Mash / Lauter tun Heating jacket
Material: SUS 304/316 or Red copper
Boiling / Whirlpool Tank
Heat-exchanger Plate type
Fermentation System Fermentation Tank Top manway/Side manway
Yeast Adding Tank SUS304 Stainless Steel
Refrigerator System Refrigerator machine With control system
Pump / valve
Ice water tank Fluorine filling
CIP Cleaning System Acid Tank Sus304 full welded
Alkali Tank
Control System Control Cabinet Semi-automatic



Stainless steel 2 vessel brewery equipment

Main technical parameters of brewery equipment

Brewhouse system

Structure: 10HL mash / lauter tun+10HL kettle/ whirlpool tun+20HL hot liquor tank
Capacity: 10HL
Dimension: Φ1960x3400mm
Material: Stainless steel 304
Heating way: Steam heating(recommend)/electric heating/direct fire heating
Electric power: 3 Phase,380V,50 Hz


Platform,pump and raker


Cleaning spray ball ,pressure gauge etc.

Main Configuration:

A. 10HL mash/lauter tun with steam heating

-2mm exterior shell and 3mm interior shell

-Glass manway

-Agitator with VFD controled motor and turbine reducer

-Grain rake with VFD controled motor and turbine reducer

-Automatic lifter of spent grain scraper blade

-Inline wort lauter sight glass

-Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom/Filter

-Bottom mounted grain outdoor


B. 10 HL brew kettle whirlpool tun with steam heating

-2mm exterior shell and 3mm interior shell

-Glass manway

-Agitator with VFD controled motor and turbine reducer

-Sanitary leveling sight glass

-Steam vent with condensate ring for kettle stack


Fermentation tank with top hatch and brite tank

Fermentor features:

All connections are fully welded Tri Clamp fittings

0.12 -0.15Mpa operating pressure; 0.3Mpa design pressure

Pressure gauge

Versitile port for dry hopping, CIP, and the pressure relief valve

Sampling valve

Thermowell for thermometer

Carb stone with 1/4 in ball valve

Blow off cane ,ball valve

Polyurethane insulation jacket

Custom ss butterfly valves with racking arm

Stainless lower shelf

Adjustable feet

Made from 304 stainless steel

Tank and System Controls

We can offer complete tank and system controls for any critical parameter of your process including:

Glycol chilling and cooling controls – solenoid, check valve, or pressure sensor actuated

Steam or other heating controls – globe, gate, pressure sensors, or solenoid actuated

Water flow controls, backflow preventers – filtration systems and controls

Programmable digital controllers for valves, solenoids – temperature, pressure and flow controls

PC controlled systems – standard or custom software control packages

Other control features and options available—semi automated or automated


Side view of fermentation tank


Fermentation components

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