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Whether you want to save space, money, and time by only using a 2 vessel mash and boil kettle or you need a dedicated HLT tank alongside them, we have the right brewing system for you.

The text mainly introduces 200L brewing equipment


DEGONG Brewery equipment configuration 


1000L commercial brewery equipment (double size HLT)

Brewery equipment features:

Malt Miller

Mash / lauter tun – grist hydrator, false bottom, rake, cleaning ball

integrated stainless steel 304 Ergonomic working platform

Kettle / whirlpool tun – steam / electric / direct gas fired heating system, tangential entry

Pumps with ABB motor

Plate heat exchanger – 304 plates(single or two stage)

wort grant, hopsback

Pipelines and valves


Functional tanks :
1. Mashing tank / Wort boiling tank – Multifunction vessel equipped with steam duplicator and stirrer for the mashing of malt grains in watert and for the boiling of wort with hops.
2. Filtering tank – the tank wit special sieve to separation of malt rests from wort before boiling wort with hops. This tank is used also for temporary storage part of mash during the decoction mash boiling process.
3. Whirlpool tank – tank equipped with a tangential inlet for centrifugal separation of solid hop rests from wort.


False bottom & spent grains hatch & sight glass

Chiller and Glycol tanks

CIP Trolley

Hot liquor tanks and pumps

6-12 fermentation tanks/bright beer tanks

Control box and CE、TUV Rated Controls and Components

Complete engineering support and onsite installation



Spent grains hatch;stirrer & wort pump…



DEGONG breweries project

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