10HL brewing equipment list combined flexible 2 Vessels beer brewhouse in restaurant

Brewhouse can be combined to multiple construction according to customer’s requirement.Among them,2 vessels beer brewhouse is the most popular Brewhouses include all vessel types: combined or separate mash tun /lauter tun, combined or separate boil kettle /whirlpool kettle ,hot liquor tank and cold liquor tanks.


Beer Brewhouse can be combined to multiple construction according to customer’s requirement. Among them, 2 vessels beer brewhouse is the most popular. 2 vessels beer brewhouse include mash/lauter tun and kettle/whirlpool tank. Other accessories include exchanger, work platform, yeast add vessel, wort aeration, wort grant and mash pumps, etc.

2 vessels beer brewhouse2-vessels beer brewhouse
  • Mash/lauter come standard with side manway for grain removal, VFD raker, sparge arm, wort port, sparge ports, center drain, and perforated false bottom. For adjunct heavy mashes a V-wire false bottom is available.
  • Boil kettles/whirlpool feature open or domed top with dished/domed bottom. They include center drain, raised wort outlet, sight glass, and tangential whirlpool port.Steam venting or condensing options are available. Dual zone jackets on the side and bottom of the kettle, with optional calandria.
  • Hot liquor tanks can be oversized.  HLT’s come equipped with tangential port, and inlet for house water for easy filling on brew day. Optional HLT timer pre heat your strike water prior to your arrival to the brewery.
  • Two stage heat exchanger. In the first stage, using cooling water to cool wort. In the second stage,using glycol to cool the wort.
  • Wort aeration device is for sterile aeration of the cooled wort before fermentation, to ensure a flotation process and sufficient oxygen for good fermentation, which is the base for high quality beers.
  • Yeast add tank. Provide yeast before the cooling wort entering into fermentation tank
  • The work platform Brewers can operate the brewhouse easier through the platform

2 vessels beer brewhouse

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The complete brewing system also should contain fermentation tank,bright beer tank,cooling system,CIP system,control system,kegging or bottling or canning machine,filter system,water treatment device,pasteurization machine and so on.
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