10HL Home Brew Conical Stainless steel Fermenter Equipment for sale

As an important part of beer brewing, fermenter ferments the wort from the heat exchanger to fermentation.The cone portion of the fermenter is 60 degrees, making it easier to collect yeast and obtain clear beer.


10HL Home Brew Conical Stainless steel Fermenter Equipment for sale



Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer. Lagerings takes place after fermenting and is the time given to the beer to stabilize and age after fermenting.




1000L、1500L /2000L…

3mm Inner Tank Wall Thickness

3mm Inner Tank Wall Thickness

80mm Thermal Polyurethane Insulation

100mm Thermal Polyurethane Insulation

Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve, Sample Valve

Pressure Gage, Liquid Filled

Temperature Gauge, prob

CIP Ball

Rotating Racking Arm

Hop Port

Tri Clamp Fittings, only permanent connections (Thermowells) are NPT (Less risk of damage)

designed for 25% Head Space


Components of a Conical fermenter equipment


Packaging & Shipping

1. Main tanks, vessels and machines will be packaged with wooden frame.
3. All items wrapped with soft package for protection.
4. Standard shipping containers will be used for general purpose.
5. All equipments will be loaded into containers according to exact container layout drawings.
6. After loaded into containers, all equipments will be well fixed to the containers.


Our Services

Pre-sale service:

1. Free of making offers, craft and technical guidance.
2. We can provide company’s qualification certification and the drawings.
3. We can also make customized products according to customer’s needs.

After-sale service:
1. We provide long-term after-sale service.
2. Owing to the quotation of our equipment is FOB price which excluded charges of door-to-door service. Thus, if necessary, we can appoint our technician to debug the machine with air ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost provided by your party. Or you can send your technician to our company to learn techniques.
3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail to consult any relevant questions since we have a special line of after-sale service. Or you can communicate online and solve the problems.


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