10HL industrial turnkey stainless steel craft beer brewery system for sale

Custom built equipment used to brew your own beer. It’s a complete line which includes all parts from malt milling to beer aging or beer canning if you need. Our equipment is CE ISO TUV approved and pretty popular in EU and NA market. It is also customizable, so we can make the tank based on your own requirements. If you are in need of a set of brewery equipment, feel free to contact me at anytime.


For more than 10 years DEGONG has successfully built and installed breweries of all kind of sizes all over the world. A decade of experience gives us the unique ability to fully understand legal, economically and environmental challenges for breweries around global. We put this knowledge to work to to make each brewing project a success for our clients

All our brewing systems can be equipped with malt milling, tanks, CIP systems, keg and bottle filling units that fit size and production requirements.

Technical parameters

1000-10000 L batch size
Pre-piped construction on stainless steel frame or separate units possible
Multi-piping to allow parallel process steps
All vessels and pipes 100% stainless steal
304 Sanitary construction
Designed according to German safety standards
All parts certified according to global food safety law
Fully customizable 3 or 4 vessel system
Infusion & decoction mash possible
Level beverage pumps
Siemens, ABB, Schneider engines
Complete CIP ready
Manual, semi-auto and full automized control possible
PLC touchscreen control system with recipe storage and remote control
Brewery layout adjustable to local space requirements
Completely customized according to your production requirements

Detailed pictures

1000L fermentation tank

Volume between 200 L. and 200 HL
Wall thickness 3mm or 4 mm
All welds pickled and passivated
60 deg. cone
Cooling jackets in cone and cylinder
CIP line and ball, second line on request
Shadowless manway in cylinder or on top
Cone and cylinder insulated by PU foam
Stainless cladding, completely welded
All necessary connections for sampling, spunding, pressure valve and security valve (pressure and vacuum)
Further connections on request
High quality armatures (3 A or CE)included
One or two outlets
Four height adjustable feet
Tank dimensions based on your requirements
CE certification on request

Suggested configuration

Miller system 200KG/H malt grinder * 1

Malt grist case * 1

Malt conveyor * 1

Brewhouse (Steam heating method) 10HL mash/lauter * 1

10HL kettle/wrhilpool * 1

20HL hot water tank * 1

Wort pump with ABB motor * 2

10 square meters plate heating exchanger * 1

Working platform * 1

Wort aeration device * 1

Hop back * 1

Individual control box for brewhouse * 1

Fermentation system 5HL fermentation tank * 2

10HL fermentation tank * 4

10HL bright beer tank * 2

Individual control box for fermentation system * 1

CIP system 100L alkali tank * 1

100L acid tank * 1

Washing pump * 1

Control box *1

Wheeled cart *1

Cooling system 7HP chiller (Copeland compressor) * 2

1500L glycol water tank * 2

Circulation pump * 1

2000L cold water tank * 1

Accessories Spare parts like butterfly valve, solenoid valve, sight glass, pipes, seals, etc…

Our services

– After importing and delivering all parts our engineering team will setup and install the brewery at your site. We only work with licensed specialists under the supervision of our technical department.

– From 100L up to 100HL we plan custom made fully functional breweries incl. everything you need from malt mill to bottle filler. With more than 10 years of experience all over the world we are at your side from the first sketch making sure that you can start to brew according to your schedule.

– With your successful brewery growing we provide you with customized solutions to expand your production volume. Brewhouse modifications, additional tanks, professional bottle filling lines what ever you need to make more customers happy we are at your service.

– In addition to specialized spare part supplies our team offers maintenance and repair service for brewhouse, tanks and filling lines. Making sure that your brewery always performs at its best. We can also relocate brewery equipment worldwide.

– Our service includes training your staff to use brewhouse and additional equipment. We also supervise quality control in order to guarantee premium beers with every batch. Courses on raw materials and glassware will broaden your team’s understanding for the joy of beer from the hop garden to the pub counter.

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