10BBL automatic commercial industrial brewing system for sale

12BBL industrial brewing equipment, made of sus 304, steam, gas and electric heating method, 2-vessel or 3-vessel brewhouse with fermenter, jacketed and insulated. CE ISO TUV certified


A set of complete turnkey 12BBL beer brewery equipment in USA


The set of 12BBL beer brewery system is consisted of 3-vessel brewhouse (mash; lauter; kettle/whirlpool tank), 1 piece of 24BBL hot water tank, 1 piece of 24BBL cold water tank, 4 pieces of 12BBL conical fermenter, 2 pieces of 12BBL brite tank, 100L CIP system and all necessary components.


12BBL Beer Brewhouse:

– Food grade sanitary stainless steel 304

– Steam, gas, electric heated system

– Thickness: 3.0mm for inner, 2.0mm for outer and 1.5mm for jacket

– Tempered glass manhole & Lamp

– VFD wort pump with ABB motor

– Dual stage heat plate exchanger

– Optimal operation platform

– SS CIP high-low spraying ball with 360° of coverage

– Fully insulated vessel with PU

– Tangential wort inlet

– SEW gearmotor for blender and raker

– Wort aeration assembly

– External wort grant


12BBL Beer Fermentation tank

– 100% TIG welded with argon gas protection

– Stainless steel 304 sanitary construction

– Design pressure: 0.3MPa, working pressure: 0.15-0.2MPa

– Interior shell: thickness 3.0mm,  mirror polished

– Exterior shell: thickness 2.0mm, 2B-Pickled

– Dimple jacket: thickness 1.5mm

– 4 heavy duty stainless steel legs with leveling foodpads

– Dual cooling zones on the cylinder and cone

– Sample valve

– Thermometer well

– Pressure gauge

– Vacuum valve/ PVRV

– Racking arm

– Side manhole

– SS CIP spraying all with 360° of coverage

– Dry hopping hole

– Lifting lugs

– Carbonation stone well reserved


Rough Brewing Process

Step 1: Crush the chosen malt to a certain extent, so that the matters inside the malt can be extracted easily

Step 2: Feed the crushed malt into brewhouse system, the order is mash – lauter – kettle – whirlpool. After the whirlpool process, the wort is ready

Step 3: Transfer the wort to fermentation tank after the wort is cooled to 12-18 degree by plate exchanger

Step 4: Fermenting the wort for a certain period which depends on the type of beer

Step 5: Transfer the beer to brite tank for aging


Pictures For Your Information

12BBL beer fermentation tank working


With chute outside the manway for discharging spent grain easier







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