12BBL stainless steel customized craft commercial fermentation tank

As an important part of beer brewing, fermenter ferments the wort from the heat exchanger to fermentation.The cone portion of the fermenter is 60 degrees, making it easier to collect yeast and obtain clear beer.


Fermentation tank



Fermentation tank 12BBL

• Tank Capacity: 12BBL
• Inner jacket (SUS 304), Thickness=3.0mm
• External jacket (SUS 304), Thickness=2.0mm
• Dish head (SUS304), Thickness= 3.0mm
• Insulation: PU-Thickness: 100mm
• Side manway: φ430*350mm, shadowless manhole
•Completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling pad and legs support
• Glycol jacket: dimpled plate on cone and side
• Cooling media: glycol water or alcohol water
• Design pressure 0.3MPa
• Working pressure 0.15Mpa
• Stringent tank leakage test by water and pressured gas
• Stringent jacket leakage test by pressured gas
• 60°cone bottom
• CIP arm with360°coverage CIP spraying ball
• CO2 blowoff arm with butterfly valve
• Dry hops port on the top of tanks with butterfly valve and hopper
• Full sanitary sample valve, no seal ring, no pollution
• Mechanical relief valve with glass, 2bar on CIP arm
• Shockproof pressure gauge on CIP am
• Rotating racking arm and port on cone with butterfly valve
• Tri clamp discharge arm with butterfly valve
• PT100 Temperature sensor for high accuracy temperature control
• 100% TIG welded joints
• Complete valves, fittings and all parts
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