15 BBL Conical-Bottom industrial Fermenter (Unitank) for sale

As an important part of beer brewing, fermenter ferments the wort from the heat exchanger to fermentation.The cone portion of the fermenter is 60 degrees, making it easier to collect yeast and obtain clear beer.


15 BBL Conical-Bottom industrial Fermenter (unitank) for sale

Main Features:(15BBL unitank)

  • Inner Shell: 3mm, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Outer Shell: 2mm, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Design pressure 3 bar, testing pressure 2 bar, designed to suit all types of craft breweries.
  • Inner cooling jacket pressure 1.5 bar.
  • 25% headspace for fermenting process.
  • Polyurethane Insulation with both cone and shell coolant jackets.
  • Barrier on the out surface to prevent any potential corrosion to ensure longevity.
  • Tank inner side is polished within 0.6µm sanitary finish.
  • Tank outside is 2B stainless steel plate(optional brushed stainless steel, #4 finish).
  • Shell and bottom cone cooling jacket for better temperature control.
  • Pillow Plate on shell body and cone; Omega laser welded and inflated.
  • Hook outside on the shell for ladders.
  • Other customization possibly available upon request.

Main Components:

  • Manhole on the top head (standard).
  • Level Indicator (standard) for inner tank.
  • Vacuum/Pressure combined valve. Tank top fittings, pressure gauge.
  • Optional : Pressure keeping valve with sight glass for controlling and monitoring fermenting process.
  • Built in rotary spray ball within the inner tank for cleaning.
  • 60-degree cone bottom with an average of 25% headspace.
  • Optional : Sanitary sampling valve, with the shortest connection on the tank, easily CIP cleanable.
  • Manual ball valve for easy glycol changing over thus temperature control.
  • Other customization possible upon request.

A set of brewery equipment(Brewing system and unitank)

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About us

1. Can your brewing equipment make both lager and ale?

A: Yes, our beer brewing equipment can make both lager and ale.

2. How to achieve temperature control?

A: The PLC or digital displayer could control the temperature by connecting with the PT 100 sensor.

The brewing tanks with rock wool to keep warm, the fermenters and bright beer tank with PU as cooling jacket to keep cool.

3. Is it possible to supply installation in our country?

A: Yes, we could supply our clients over sea service and direct the installation and brewing.

4. What type of control system?

A: Our control system is PLC control, also pass the CE.

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