1500L commercial conical stainless steel beer fermenter tank for sale

Fermentation tank (CCT)Also referred to as uni-tanks, these are cylindro-conical tanks for fermentation and post-fermentation of beer.

CCTs with a conical base are used for the fermentation process of beer. DGET’s fermentation tanks are always custom-made in order to make maximum use of the available space. The cooling capacity, insulation and pressure of the tanks can be adjusted according to your needs.


Beer fermenter brief description

Jacketed Conical Conical Beer Fermenter Brewery Fermentation tank

Capacity  1500L
Material Stainless SUS 304/316
Quality control Pressure testing
Main workmanship Pure argon gas welding; professional machine polish for inside and outside .
Product description 1. Double jacketed conical fermentation tanks with dimple cooling jacket
2. Finishing: mirror polishing ≤ 0.6um
3. Interior thickness:3 mm;Exterior thickness:2 mm;jacket:1.5mm
4.Insulation: Polyurethane 100mm
5.Pipeline connection : full stainless steel pipeline
6. Matched fittings: the butterfly valves , the manway door , sight glass , CIP cleaning arm and rotatory balls , pressure gauge and temperature probe , adjustable feet

A) Capacity : from 200L -20,000L

B) Cone degree:60;

C) The position of manway door , on cylinder or dish head;

D) Cooling jacket can be dimple jacket;


The brewery craft beer fermenter detailing

DEGONG Brief introduction


Degong Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of beer brewing equipment from 50L/brew to 20000L/brew (2bbl-150bbl). We supply all-round service including layout design, customized equipment design, transportation, installation and training for brewpub, bars, restaurant, microbrewery, regional brewery etc.
The complete brewery equipment we manufacture including brewhouse, fermentation tank, bright beer tank/serving tank, etc. We also configure complete accessories such as cleaning system, control system, beer filter, water treatment machine, keg cleaning machine etc.


Our factory


A complete brewery system includes malt crusher, BREWHOUSE system (MASH LAUTER BOILING WHIRLPOOL tanks; wort/hot water pump; plate heat changer; buffer tank, etc.), fermentation system (fermentation tank; brite tank; horizontal tank optional); refrigeration system (chiller unit, Glycol tank; cold water tank can be selected); cleaning system(CIP); control system (can be PLC or semi-automatic control); filling system (cans, bottles, kegs, etc.); labeling machine; pasteurization; beer kegs (various standards are available You choose: DIN standard, Euro standard, US standard. If necessary, we can provide you all)

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