1500L craft microbrewery equipment Beer Brewing System Beer Production Line Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank for Sale

Craft microbrewery equipment is high in demand because of their top class quality and less expensive charges. Furthermore, we ensure to timely deliver these merchandise to our customers, through this we’ve won a large customers base within the market. Our Stainless Beer Brewing Equipment Fermented Tank is a high grade and best quality.


Why choose DEGONG?
  • Design support and facility planning for your microbrewery
  • Supply and installation of customized microbrewery equipment’s
  • Testing and optimization of microbrewery equipment’s
  • Setting up a supply chain for sourcing and purchasing of raw materials

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Craft microbrewery equipment main feature

Capacity:100 liter to 5000 liter as requirement.
Material: stainless steel 304/316 or red copper, as requirement.
General configuration: mill, brew house, fermentation, cooling and cleaning etc.
Heating method: electric heating, steam heating, direct fire heating etc.
Electricity voltage/frequency can be customized.
Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution.

craft microbrewery equipment

Brewing system Components Specification
mill system mill machine double roller, low noise
mash system mash/lauter tun

inner shell:SUS304 TH=3.0mm

exterior shell:SUS304 TH=2.0mm

insulation:polyurethane TH=80mm

Laser cutting V-wire false bottom

Easy clean and detachable sparging sparing

side manhole for spent grains

boiling/whirlpool tun
hot water tank
Heating system boiler  electric,gas, diesel
Fermentation system fermentation tank

dome top and cone bottom, bottom cone 60 degree

inner shell:SUS304 TH=3.0mm

exterior shell:SUS304 TH=2.0mm

insulation:polyurethane TH=80mm

test pressure:3bar, working pressure:1.5bar

top manhole or side manhole 

Cooling system glycol water tank

use for cooling wort, fermentation tanks and bright tank

chiller world-famous brand, use for glycol water tank
Cleaning system disinfection tank/alkali tank equip with electric heating elements, clean for all the tanks
Control system mash/fermentation/coolling control all the tank’s temperature,motor and pump’s show on/off

craft microbrewery equipment raker, top glass mahole, spary cleaning ball

craft microbrewery equipment accessories

All accessories, auxiliaries, spare parts,and fittings are very excellent, adopted in SUS304, and it is the vital part of the best seller 1500L industrial beer brewing equipment for restaurant.
1. Motors, pumps use for brewery equipment are china famous brand.
2. Round stainless steel manhole with glass, easy for us to observe wort’s status in the mash tun.
3. Shot light: It install in the top of the mash tun, and used for lighting, and observe wort’s status.
4. VFD: The motor in the top of the lauter tank, used for stirring. It can control the plow knife/raker’s rotate speed.
5. Glasses buffer tank: It is close to the lauter tank, and it can used it for observing wort’s concentration and its color.
6. Suspension type heat exchange: stainless steel 304 material, clean and sanitation, easy to disassembled and cleaning.

craft microbrewery equipment the accessories of fermentation tank

craft microbrewery equipment bright beer tank details

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