1500L industrial steam heated steel craft brewing equipment for sale


1500L Beer Brewhouse


The brewery 3-vessel brewhouse is designed for brew any varieties of malt wort by the infusion method of mashing, and also the decoction method if there is an additional mash tun. The total volume of the vats of the brewing order is 1900 liters, allowing you to brew a high density wort, either get up to 1700 l. low-density beer wort.

The craft brewing equipment in the basic configuration consists of three units: the mash/lauter tun; kettle/whirlpool tank; hot water tank. The brewhouse can be steam heated, gas heated or electric heating which depends on the cost of each energy and local environmental policies.


1500L 2-vessel beer brewhouse includes:

Mash/lauter tun of 1900 liters;
Kettle/whirlpool tank of 1900 liters;
Pump for transferring water, mash and wort;
Remote control.
Working platform with stairs


1000L 2-vessel commercial beer brewhouse


1500L 3-vessel beer brewhouseincludes:

Mash/Lauter tun of 1900 liters;
Kettle/Whirlpool tank of 1900 liters;

Hot water tank of 1900 liters;
Pump for transferring water and mash;
Pump for transferring water and wort;
Remote control.
Working platform with stairs

1000L 3*vessel beer brewhouse


Description of each tank & respective pictures


Mash/Lauter tun:

The mash/Lauter tun is made of high-quality food grade AISI-304 stainless steel with a high degree of polishing (to a mirror finish). The welds are polished to a sufficient degree. The mash tun has a mash/wort heating jacket over the entire diameter and cone of the vessel. The heating shirt is thermally insulated with polyurethane foam and covered with an outer sheath of food grade stainless steel.

The mash/lauter tun is equipped with a gear motor with a raker, a steam removal pipe or a flow-through steam condenser, an inspection hatch, lighting inside, a control panel for temperature pauses, two rotating washing balls with connection to a CIP-station.

The mash tun is designed for mashing malt infusion method and boiling the wort with hops. If there is an additional kettle, mashing is also possible by the decoction mashing techniques. The kettle can also heat or boil water to wash all the equipment of the brewery.


What are equipped:


– Mash mixer with gearmotor;

– Interior lighting;

– Two rotary washing heads;

– Inspection hatch;

– Ventilation piping with gate.

– Thermal insulation (polyurethane foam)

– Pneumatic valve




Water spraying; Grain Raker; Pipes & Butterfly Valves; Plate heat exchanger


1500L Beer Fermenter


The fermentation area consists of a specific (at the customer’s choice) number of beer fermentation tank, also known as CCT (cylindrical-conical tanks) of a corresponding capacity and a control panel containing the automation for maintaining the desired beer temperature inside each CCT.

Beer fermentation tank has a cooling jacket over the entire height of the cylindrical part. CCTs from 1000 liters also have a separate cone cooling jacket. ССTs are insulated by polyurethane foam with 100mm thickness. The external covering of CCT is made of food mirror stainless steel.

The CCT is designed for internal pressure and can be used both for the primary fermentation and for the maturation (carbonation) of beer and the supply beer for filtering or bottling. The working pressure inside the CCT is up to 3 bar (can be adjusted by pressure bunging device).


1000L beer fermentation tank row

What are equipped:


Top or side manhole which depends on customer’s request

Dry hopping hole

Pressure relief valve

Temperature sensor


Pressure gauge

Pressure bunging device

Sample valve

CIP spraying ball

Overflow pipe

Racking arm

Carbonation stone assembly

Cooling jacket inlet & outlet



Fermenter row; 1500L beer fermentation tank; yeast adding tank; connecting pipes;  Wort transferring

Fermentation tank assembly; Fermenting; Maturing (Aging)




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Brewery projects in German, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Belgium

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Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany in 2017

Exhibition in Munich, Germany in 2018


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