1500L Micro Fermentation Vessels for Sale

Here you will find a range of brewery fermenters with work capacities ranging from 100 to 10,000 barrels. We can also customize any fermenter to the size and specifications required by your brewery. A copper cladding can also be provided instead of a stainless steel cladding. Please call us at +86 15688463345 for a custom quote.

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1500L Micro Fermentation Vessels for Sale


1500L Micro Fermentation Vessels for Sale:

Beer Fermenter is also called CCT’s (Cylindrical Conical Tanks), FV’s (Fermentation Vessel), primary fermentor or unitanks as they are used both for fermenting and lagering. Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer, usually the fermenting process will be divided into primary fermentation and secondary fermentation.  The fermentation time is different from 10days to 3 weeks or even longer because of different beer.

The 1500L beer brewing brewhouse contains lauter tun,mash/kettle tun and whirlpool tun,also configure hot liquid tank and cold water tank. It adopt  automatic spent grain removable system.It will have separate control panel to control the system.Beside that,the motor and pumps are controlled by VFD,most important,we adopt famous brand, the brand is ABB or Siemens.

  Details of 1500L beer brewing brewhouse

    •  3-vessels:1500l lauter tank,1500l mash/kettle tank,1500l whirlpool tun(with 2000l hot liquid tank and 2000l cold water tank)
    •  steam heating method
    •  Inner thickness:3.0mm,outer thickness:2.0mm,jacket thickness:1.5mm
    •  insulation:polyurethane,thickness:100mm
  •  Useful capacity:20hL,total capacity:15hL
  •  Heavy duty false botton with pillar support system
  •  Fully insulated vessel
  •  SS CIP High-flow rotary spray ball with 360 degree of coverage
  •  Interior light
  •  Sparge ring assembly
  •  Top mahway(tempered glass)
  •  Side manway for spent grain out
  •  Gap of the sieve is 0.7mm
  •  automatic spent grain removable system
  • Sieve plate: The sieve plate is 20 mm above the bottom of tank. Regardless of any type of sieve plate, the opening ratio is generally 10% to 12%, and the opening width is 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm.
  • Raker: Raker plays an important role in speeding up the filtration speed of wort and improving the quality of wort. In most cases, the first wort is filtered and the spent grain are squeezed together. At this point, the filtration speed is slower. Then rotate the filler to loosen the spent grains and increase the filtration speed.
  • Agitator:The requirement of the agitator is:let solid particles can be suspended and evenly distributed in the liquid to avoid local overheating, causing anxious burnt and affecting the taste of the wort and the beer. The agitator adopts frequency conversion adjustment, and the speed can be flexibly adjusted according to the requirements of the mashing process
  • Side manhole:It is used to remove spent grain.When the raker turn foreward,its function is a raker.When the raker turn reverse,its function is automatic spent grain removable.
  • Sight glass:You can check if the wort is clean through the sight glass.


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Our engineers further explore brewing technology by visiting customers’ breweries





          We have obtained TUV ceritification,which is issued by Germany institution


  1. All the materials touching with beer directly are all top quality food grade stainless steel
  2. We use the first class valves and manhole for our equipments
  3. All the materials I use is nonmagnetic.
  4. The thickness of the material exact fit in with what shown in our quotation sheet
  5. Most importantly,Our staff is always available for your needs and questions.

After-sale services:

  1. Within the warranty period, any malfunctions caused by the quality issues or material issue, Degong will be responsible to it.
  2. After delivering the equipments to our customers, Degong will arrange special worker to do the track service,because we set up the marketing department for specially dealing with the feedback of customers for providing the satisfied service. Once Degong gets the feedback from customers, we will do our best to deal with it for you.
  3. For the malfunctions beyond the warranty period, Degong will also be responsible to it, but the seller should take in charge of the expenses.
  4. Degong can dispatch technicians to install the equipments for you, but the seller should take charge of the expenses.

If you have interest to know more details,please get in touch with me freely.



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