1500L stainless steel beer brewing equipment with steam heating


1500L stainless steel beer brewing equipment with steam heating

Beer brewing equipment SUS304 10BBL
Interior SUS304 Thickness 3mm
Exterior SUS304 Thickness 2mm
Bottom cone 60 degree for fermentor 150 degree for brewhouse
Heating/Cooling method Steam heating/Glycol cooling Dimple jacket
Temperature control PT100
Pressure display SUS304 Pressure gauge
Pressure relie SUS304 Pressure relief valve
Cleaning SUS304 CIP arm with 360 spary cleaning ball
Insulation Polyurethane 70~100mm
Manway SUS304 Clamp or flange manway
Sampling valve SUS 304 Aseptic type, no dead coner
Dry hops adding port SUS304 Optional, clamp type
Carbonation device SUS304 Optional
Yeast adding tank SUS304 15L
Bright beer tank SUS304 100L/200L, single or double walled available

2 vessel 1500L stainless steel beer brewing equipment with steam heating

Brewing materials

Grains Grains form the foundation on which beer is built. They lend flavor, aroma, color and mouthfeel to beer. They also provide the raw ingredients needed for the yeast to create alcohol. Quite simply, without grain, there is no beer.
Hops While grains form the backbone of all beers, if left unchecked, they can cause a beer to become undrinkably sweet. That is why brewers add other ingredients, usually something bitter, to counterbalance the malt.Hops are the main source of bitterness in beer.
Water Many people completely forget about water when listing the components of beer, even though it usually represents over 95% of the final product! More than a simple vehicle for holding the other ingredients, water lends many essential, if overlooked, characteristics to beer.
Yeast Once introduced into unfermented beer (wort), yeast will immediately begin to consume the sugars from the malt. Yeast convert this sugar to alcohol, with an added byproduct being carbonation. To put it more crudely, yeast eat sugar, pee alcohol and fart carbonation!


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