1500L stainless steel beer fermentation tank/fermenter/unitank for sale


1500L stainless steel beer fermentation tank/fermenter/unitank for sale

Fermentation tank technical parameters

Technical parameters

Fermentation tank

Material:SUS 304

1.Inner thickness:3.0mm;outer thickness:2.0mm

2.Jacket thickness:1.5mm

3.Inner surface treatment:welds grinded to Ra 0.6um

4.Mirror surface finish inside.

5.Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 100mm

6.cone 60 degree resist compression design,dripping

7.Heat exchange area: 5.1 m2

8.Vessel pressure:1.5 bar/3.0 bar

Yeast adding tank

Adopts sus 304 stainless steel fine polished process,outer stainless polishing.

Adding yeast sight glasses,aseptic air mouth,and wort pipe connection mouth.

Fermentation tank details:


Mechanical type safty valve: This tank fitting can be used to prevent excessive pressure in the tank. Generally, the valve opening pressure is greater than the operating pressure. When the operating pressure increases to the valve opening pressure, the valve member opens after overcoming the force of the spring.

Carbonation stone: More Sanitary, never got contaminated.

Cooling jacket: Same with steam jacket, use dimple jacket, it will expand cooling ares and makes better cooling effect.


Warranty period:

  1. For main parts of the equipment such as brewhouse tank, fermentation tank, bright beer tank, hot water tank, glycol water tank, etc… the warranty period is 24 months.
  2. For other components such as refrigeration unit, control components, etc… the warranty period is12months.
  3. Our equipments have been approved by TUV. Our equipments is accord with the German standard quality.


  1. All the materials touching with beer directly are all top quality food grade stainless steel.
  2. We use the first class valves and manhole for our equipments.
  3. All the materials we use is nonmagnetic.
  4. The thickness of the material exact fit in with what shown in our quotation sheet.
  5. Most importantly, our staff is always available for your needs and questions.

If you are interested in our beer brewing equipment,please feel free to contact me.