15BBL micro craft stainless steel brewery equipment for sale

Mash system, it is the most important part of beer brewery equipment. The brewhouse is the beating heart of brewing operation. A weak, inefficient heart cannot be exerted and doesn’t last. A durable and efficient brew house from DG Equipment ensures your brewery every opportunity to thrive. We understand that each brewer has his or her own brewing methodology and budgetary requirements, therefore DG offers varying levels of automation and customization of two, three and four vessel brewhouse configurations.


15BBL micro craft stainless steel brewery equipment for sale


Design pressure 0.3Mpa ;working pressure:0.12-0.15Mpa

4 stainless steel legs

Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness:3mm

Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness:2mm

Interior and exterior finish bright polish to 0.6um

Side manway and 60 degree cone bottom

Racking port and discharge port with butterfly valve and fittings

Polyurethane insulation thickness 100mm for cooling jacket on side and bottom

Fully welded exterior shell.  CIP arm and spray ball and rotating tank racking arm included


Brewing raw materials for beer:Yeast,Grains,Hops,Water

Brewery equipment components

Beer brewing process Malt is ground in the grain mill.

The milled grains are transported with bags to mash kettle.

In the mash tun the grist is mixed with brewing water from hot water tank(to form the mash)

In the lauter tun the dissolved liquid extract (wort) is separated from the solids (spent grains)

Brewing kettle is used for boiling.

Whirlpooling is creating by circulating the wort.

The cold wort is pumped through a hose from the heat exchanger to the fermentation cellar via the brew house pump.

The wort ferments in the fermentation tank.

The green beer matures in the serving tank.

After the ageing process the beer can be served directly from this tank.


Degong Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in designing, researching and manufacturing the brewery equipment, beer filling line and subsidiary equipment.

Our equipments have been CE ISO TUV UL certified. We are the only one who has got TUV certificate amongst all suppliers in north of China.

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