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Best beer making equipment brewhouse is composed of a combination of mash kettle, filter tank, boiler, a sedimentation tank, etc. Reasonable jacket and agitation can ensure the temperature rise rate, avoiding coking to improve the overall efficiency of the system. Combined cultivating mechanism and special design will meet sedimentation features of the thermal coagulum. hops addition, PLC program control design meet the various process requirements of craft beer.


Brewery equipment applications

This beer brewery equipment which is not only suitable for the small scale beer factory and also suitable for the beer brewing of tourist resorts, hotels, pubs
The beer equipment includes milling system, brewhouse system, fermentation system, cooling system, control system, CIP system and so on.

best beer making equipment

beer food & beer equipment in pub

Best beer making equipment mill system

Mill machine used roller mill, distance adjustable. It is the most simple, a pair of drawing rollers, the two rollers during grinding relative rotation, the rotational speed of a roller is fixed, the other is adjustable.

best beer making equipment

stainless steel mill machine

Best beer making equipment brewhouse system

Usually,for brewhouse, we provide the customer two choices:
Optional 1:
4-vessels, which is 2000L Mash tun, 2000L Lauter tun,2000L boiling tun and 2000L whirlpool tun plus 4000L or bigger Hot water tank to offer enough brewing hot water.It can be save time and get the fastest brewing process.
Advantage: 4-vessel has a high efficiency of saccharification, which can obtain greater benefits.
optional 2:
most common design for 2000L brewhouse may be 3 Vessels, which mash/lauter tun, boiling tun, whirpool tun or mash tun,lauter tun, boiling/whirlpool tun.
Advantage: it can save cost.For customers with limited budget, 3-vessel is the most suitable
You can chose the suitable one according to your brewing technology.
If you have your special design,we can discuss the design with engineer.

best beer making equipment

Best beer making equipment fermentation system

Fermentation is important in beer brewing. It plays an important role in the taste of beer. The number of fermenters is determined by production, but sometimes it depends on the style of the brewmaster.
Fermentation tank feature
Jacket conical fermenter tanks/unitanks’ capacity&quantity customized;
Stainless steel material, compression resistance design, design pressure 0.3Mpa;
Working pressure 0.15Mpa, 48 hours pressure test for both interior and cooling jacket;
Polyurethane insulation and stainless steel cooling jacket, 60 degree bottom cone;Single tank, single control.

best beer making equipment

best beer making equipment sus304 fermenter

2000L Fermentation tank(stainless steel) details
  • with carbonation device
  • with 25% head space
  • side manway
  • Material SUS304
  • Racking arm and discharge port with butterfly valve and fittings;
  • PLC control, dimple plate cooling jacket.
  • Insulation thickness: 100mm; Inner tank thickness: 3.0mm; cladding thickness:2.0mm
  • CIP arm and rotary spray ball
  • Release and breath valves
  • Sample valve, mechanical pressure regulation valve
  • Pressure gauge & Thermometer & Sample valve
  • Dimple plate cooling jacket with glycol inlet and outlet
  • Four legs with brace and adjustable bolt
  • Interior of tank is mechanical polished, inner body polishing ratio 0.4μm. Out plate surface protection welding line Belt Sander Polished
  • With valves and accessories matched

best beer making equipment

sample valve&carbonation stone&breather valve&mechanical regulator valve