2000L commercial brewery used european standard beer brewing equipment with siemens/ABB motor

We manufacture and supply beer commercial brewery equipment that vary in size from 200 to 5.000 litres beer per brew. All our brewery equipment is suitable for brewpubs, restaurants, craft breweries and beer production. Our brewhouses enable you to produce outstanding and full-bodied beers. Beginners will find it easy to brew with this fairly automated equipment.


The wort brewhouse is the main part of each commercial brewery. It is a compact system whose primary function is the production of wort, using a boiling process and a wort cooling process. Hopped wort is an intermediate in beer production – it is a sugary fluid from water, malt and hop or from their extracts.
The next phase of the beer production cycle is the fermentation and the maturation of the wort. At the end of the fermentation process we get the resulting product – beer.



Commercial brewery beer brewhouse introduction
The commercial brewery wort brewhouse usually consists of these parts:

1. The malt mash tank – heated vessel for the mixing of the squeezed malt in water and boiling of malt mash

2. The lauter tank – the tank with special sieve for the filtration of malt mash (separation of liquid wort from solid parts of malt)

3.The wort boiling tank – the heated vessel for the boiling of wort with hops. We can combine this function with mash tank

4. The whirlpool tank – with a tangential inlet for centrifugal separation solid rests of hops from wort

5. Hot water tanks – it is optional and its size and capacity is depend on how many batches you will brew per day

commercial brewery 3 vessels beer brewhouse


6. Supporting equipment
– Equipment for huminiding and dosing of squeezed malt into the brewhouse
– Basic frame with work platform (excluding the smallest brewing machines)
– Pipe system with pumps
– Motors with agitators for mixing and cutting of malt mash
– Wort cooler (may be used as external part)
– Wort aeration candle (may be used as external part)
– semi automatic/ automatic control system of the wort brewing process.

beer brewhouse details

beer brewhouse details


For some of the simpler types of beer brewing equipment, some containers are omitted or functions of more vessels are integrated to one combi-tank.

beer brewhouse


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