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Complete brewery equipment includes: mill machine, brewhouse system, fermentation system, cooling system, cleaning system, control system and other parts.

At the present, Craft beer is popular in the whole world.No matter you are a beginner or a skilled brew master.Only if you have passion for beer, then you could have your own one.Why choose DEGONG? Because We know what you want, We know how to help you brew beer, We know brewer’s need best. Choose DEGONG, Choose the best brewery equipment, Brew the finest beer.


Industrial beer brewery equipment feature
  1. Highly competitive price.
  2. CE (2014/68 / EU),PED,LVD certification.
  3. Strictly quality control, meet the European quality standard.
  4. Accept customized service, professional engineers will provide design solutions for your brewery project.
  5. Easy to operate: Include all the tanks to brew by the control cabinet.
  6. Compact: floor space around 100-150 s.q.m.,provide the layout drawing according to your workshop.
  7. Wonderful Technology:Fermentation-Double jacket conical fermenter with dimple-plate cooling jacket, perfect welding by professional welders.
Industrial beer brewery equipment brewhouse system

2000l Brewery is really a commercial size that requires multi batches a day to maximize its utilization.

4-vessels, which is mash tun, lauter tun, boiling tun and whirlpool tun.It can be save time and get the fastest brewing process.

Most common design for 2000L brewhouse may be 3 Vessels.

  • mash/lauter tun,  boiling tun and whirlpool tun.
  • mash tun, lauter tun, boiling/whirlpool tun

You can chose the suitable one according to your brewing technology. If you have your special design,we can discuss the design with engineer.


  2000L BREWERY  
System Model Specification
Mill system  300kg-500kg/h mill machine

Material: stainless steel

Roller Material: alloy

This machine can remove the iron and dust automatically

Brewhouse system

2000L 3-vessel or

2000L 2-vessel +hot water tank

Main equipment: mash/lauter tun+boiling tun+whirlpool tun; mash/lauter tun+boiling/whirlpool tun+hot water tank

Material: stainless stee or red copper

Heating method: steam/electric/direct fire heating 

Inner: TH=3.0mm, outer: TH=2.0mm

The inner surface polishing to Ra 0.4um

Tangential whirlpool inlet

Equipped with hops back

100% stainless steel two stage plate heat exchanger

Include: raker, thermometer, operation plateform, moter, pump and other accessories

Fermentation system 2000L or 4000L fermentation tank & bright beer tank. You decide quantity

Inner material SUS304, thickness: 3.0mm

External Jacket material: SUS304, thickness:   2.0mm

The inner surface polishing to Ra 0.4um

Cone bottom: 60°

Design pressure 3 bar; Working pressure 1.5bar

Manhole: top manhole or side manhole

Cooling way: dimple jacket

Equip with carbonated port, dry hops port,sample valve, mechanical regulator valve, pressure gauge, racking arm

Cooling system Glycol water tank & chiller

Inner material SUS304, thickness: 3.0mm

External Jacket material: SUS304, thickness:  2.0mm

The inner surface polishing to Ra0.4um

Pump is Stainless Steel Model

Cooling media: glycol water

Includes pipeline, valve, and all other accessories

Cleaning system 200L CIP 

Main equipment:  alkali tank, acid tank

Equip with control cabinet

Centrifugal pump

Control system PID or PLC

Material:  stainless steel

Component has CE,ISO certificate

Optional: UL Certificate, Siemens component, Omron component

industrial beer brewery equipment

3-vessel: mash/lauter tun+boiling tun+whirlpool tun

industrial beer brewery equipment


industrial beer brewery equipment

industrial beer brewery equipment conical fermenter

industrial beer brewery equipment

industrial beer brewery equipment