2000L craft stainless steel commercial beer conical bfermenter for sale


2000L beer conical fermenter 

Conical Fermenter 2000L
1.  To be made of stainless steel 304. Brushed outer shell.2.  Working volume: 2000 L, total volume 2500L

3.  Thickness of insulating layer: 100mm.Inner body thickness: 3mm. Outer thickness 2mm;

4.  Design pressure: 0.3Mpa, use pressure: 0.15Mpa

5.  Side man way; Ladder and lifting ear. Hop add port

6.  Tank top is domed, with 60°cone bottom

7.  Dimple plate cooling jacket. Dual glycol zoned jacket;

8.  Mechanical pressure regulator valve; SUS solenoid water valve,

Tri clamp breath valve and sample valve; With liquid level meter

9.  Bimetal thermometer and temperature probe;

10. CIP rotary spray ball. Beer outlet and drain outlet with butterfly valves

11. Interior and outer tank weld polish

12. Stainless steel legs and braces on adjustable feet

beer Conical Fermenter related accessories:

Safe relief valve: 

The temperature in the tank increases during fermentation, so it is necessary to install a safety release valve.

Breather valve:

Prevent the tank from producing negative pressure, protect the safety of fermentation tank.

Sampling valve:

Sampling holes in the tank help the winemaker keep an eye on the fermentation.

The temperature probe:

With the continuous fermentation of wort, the temperature in the fermentation tank also rises continuously. At this time, the temperature is monitored through a thermometer, and the refrigeration system is started when the set temperature is reached.

Pressure gauge:

The fermentation process produces a lot of carbon dioxide, so the pressure in the tank increases.The pressure gauge can be used to ensure that the pressure in the tank is within a reasonable range.


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