2000L Customizable Side Manhole Stainless Steel Conical Isobaric Fermentation Tank-Unitank

DEGONG can design and manufacture turnkey microbrewery for brewery used or restaurant/brewpub/bar used….All of the turnkey microbrewery is customized according to your requirement.For brewery used,most customer will choose stainless steel material;For restaurant,brewpub,bar used,most customer will choose copper beer brewing system for its good exhibition.If you don’t know more about the turnkey microbrewery,our engineer can give you the most professional suggestions according to your brewing plan,such as daily output or others….


Isobaric Fermentation Tank is a vertical, tapered, cylindrical vessel for the beer fermentation and maturation processes. Isobaric Fermentation Tank,also refer to Uni-tank,which are vessels of various size usually made from stainless steel that contain a mixture of malted grain, hops, yeast and water to create a liquid collectively known in the brewing process as wort. Fermentation tanks vary in temperature depending upon the beer being produced.



Isobaric Fermentation tank features

Tank body

Tanks are available with torispherical and conical bottom

Torispherical lid resists high pressure and design according to DIN Standard

Conical bottom assures the easier removal of yeast from the tank

Tanks are available with side, top and bottom manholes depending on the size and your needs

Top manholes can handle high pressure, easily to handle and made in insulated version

Side manholes are can be easily cleaned without any blind area

Material quality of the whole tank is food grade SUS304/SUS316/AISI304/AISI316

Etched and passivated inner surface with a roughness less than 0.4 µm to avoid the contamination spots that are hard to wash




2-3-4 cooling zone on cylinder and cone depending on the size

Cooling jackets made with the spot welding technology

100 mm PU foam insulation with a thermal conductivity of 24 mW/mK for the safest storage of heat and economical energy use

100 % stainless steel coating available in a variety of surface finishes such as 2B pickled, different surface roughnesses, polished and marbled

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All pipes and fittings are made in accordance with DIN Standard

Material quality of all fittings are food grade SUS304/SUS316/AISI304/AISI316

Vacuum and pressure safety valves, complying with all standards and positioned for an easy cleaning

Stainless steel pressure gauge, optionally can be ordered in flat membrane version

Technological pipings on the tank (beer pipe, yeast pipe, CIP pipe) produced with using the bending technology where no welding is used resulting that there are no infection points that might occur at welding jointst

Depending on tank sizes, each tank equipped with 1-2-3 pcs of accurate thermal sensor


Technical parameter of Isobaric fermentation tank


We can provide normal dimension if customer dont have special requirement.If have,we will

Design suitable dimension according to customers requirement.


Nominal capacity plus 25%

Top Head

Dished head

Lifting Lugs

2 lifting lugs


Removable CIP & fixed spray ball (180° up, 65mm) on ” TC with ” TC line down to

working height


Inner thickness 3mm;Outer thickness 2mm.

Bottom Cone

60° cone angle, ”1½ knuckle radius to cone

Cooling Jacket

On sidewall and bottom cone – number of zones determined by tank size

Maximum 0.3MPA working pressure, 1” to ” FNPT inlet / outlet


4pcs completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling pad and legs support


100mm polyurathane


Top manway or side manway


1½”  TC butterfly valve c/w “J” pipe

Tank Material

All quality inspected 304 stainless steel alloy

Exterior Finish

2B with all welds ribbon polished

Interior Finish

 2B with all welds TIG welded with heat stain removed

Tank Pressure

Maximum 0.3Mpa

All accessories on tank

•Full sanitary sampling valve

•TC Vacuum Pressure relief valve on top head

•Mechanical relief valve 2 bar on CIP arm

•Shockproof pressure gauge on CIP arm

•Dry hopping port with solid end cap

•Thermowell for high accuracy temperature sensor

•Raking arm

•carbonation stone

•TC RSL Sample valve


We will choose Wooden case to protect the equipment from being damaged in transit.If the equipment’s height exceed the container’s height,we will put down the equipment and fix it by iron frame.





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