200L Brewing equipment copper craft home kettle system manufacturer

Whether you want to save space, money, and time by only using a 2 vessel mash and boil kettle or you need a dedicated HLT tank alongside them, we have the right brewing system for you.

The text mainly introduces 200L brewing equipment


You can get small home brewing equipment, medium-sized bar beer equipment, and larger industrial commercial beer brewing machines from us. From the smallest 50L to the larger equipment you need.

Features of this set of small scale brewery:

1.Applicable for the home brew; laboratory brewing;pilot brewing equipment and more

2.Compact designed system ,which can reduce floor space

3.Easy for operation and cleaning tanks

4.Low cost

200L copper-min

200L Home copper brewhouse system brewing equipment

This set of equipment mainly includes the following parts:

  • Brewhouse System:

200L Mash/Lauter tank

200L Kettle/Whirlpool tank

(If necessary,we can also add a hot water tank for storing water in order to mash next time  )

Mash/lauter tun

Flat bottom design

Grist hydrator

Retractable lautering rakes with spent grain plow assembly

Actuated knife-gate valve for spent grain removal

Under-screen flush sprayers

Multi-port wort draw off plumbing

Pressure sensors

Optional side steam jacket


Steam Jackets

Optional external calandria for accelerated boil

Over boil protection

Vent stack condenser

Kettle sour capability

Dual tangential inlet design

Early wort draw off

Re-circulation plumbing to cool wort pre-whirlpool for hop additions


side manhole FV-min

Side manway brewing equipment fermentation tanks small/medium/large

  • Fermentation Unit:

200L/400L Glycol Jacketed Fermentation Tank


  • Cooling Unit:

400L Glycol Tank

1*2HP Chiller

3T/H Centrifugal Pump

2 cooling zone

Cooling zones adapted to the evaporation generated at fermentation

Separate cooling zone for cone

Cooling jackets for the high load capacity and for a better use of materials.


  • Controlling Unit:

Manual / semi-automatic/ touch screen PLC control system

  • Cleaning Unit:

Portable CIP Pump

All the items listed above could be made upon your needs.


Specifications for the brewing equipment:

Brewhouse Capacity:200 Litre/brew

Materials:SUS 304/316 or red copper

Interior Finish:Acid washing and passivation

Polishing Precision:0.4μ-0.6m


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