20BBL 30BBL 50BBL brewing system unitanks brewery fermenting vessel for sale

Every brewery project is custom from the ground up and our on-site teams will be able to configure your project from concept to commissioning. Our team will help build reach your output goals with the right sized brewhouse and proper vessel configuration.


20BBL brewery tanks brief introduction

Fermentation Vessels, also known as fermenters or FVs (and occasionally spelled fermentors), are the tanks, barrels, or other vessels where wort is held as it ferments into beer.

cellar tanks-min

Brewing system equipment cellar tanks 

CCTs, each 20 bbl net and  25 bbl gross content, in stainless steel, with 60° cone, coolable over 1 cooling zone in the wall with glycol or ice water, isolated, covered, with manway, spray head, connection, outlet,

Ø: 1,600mm, height: 3,400mm, without papers, the tanks wer in use with 2 bar.


Main Features:

All material according to ASME standard. (Certification is available upon request.)

Inner Shell: 3mm, AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Outer Shell: 2mm, AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Inner cooling jacket design pressure0.3Mpa

25% head space for fermenting process.

Thermal Polyurethane Insulation with both cone and shell coolant jackets.

Chloride ion barrier paint on the out surface of the inner shell to prevent any potential corrosion to ensure longevity.

Tank inner side is polished within 0.4µm sanitary finish.

Tank outside is 2B or #4 (brushed stainless) stainless steel plate

Shell and bottom cone cooling jacket for better temperature control.

Pillow Plate on shell body and cone;

Hook outside on the shell for ladders.

Other customization possibly available upon request.



Cylindrical conical tanks brewing system

Main Components:

Manhole on the top or front

Level Indicator (standard) for inner tank.

Vacuum/Pressure combined valve. Tank top fittings, pressure gauge.

Built in rotary spray ball within the inner tank for cleaning.

Sanitary sampling valve, with the shortest connection on the tank, easily CIP cleanable.

Other customization possible upon request.


Cellar tanks-brite tanks brewing system

3mm interior tank wall thickness

2mm exterior shell wall thickness

100mm polyurethane insulation on shell and bottom dish

Adjustable feet with anchor holes

Operating pressure 0.12-0.15Mpa

Dual Zone Dimpled cooling jackets

Full shadowless side manway

pressure/vacuum relief valve

Large dial pressure gauge

Sample valve

RTD temp control thermowell

Large dial temp gauge with probe

CIP arm with spray ball and 360deg of coverage

Carbonation stone with ball valve

20% Head Space

All stainless handle valves and gaskets included


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