3000L Stainless Steel Beverage Beer Brewing Parts Conical tank Fermentor

As an important part of beer brewing, fermenter ferments the wort from the heat exchanger to fermentation.The cone portion of the fermenter is 60 degrees, making it easier to collect yeast and obtain clear beer.


3000L Stainless Steel Beverage Beer Brewing Parts Conical tank Fermentor

Fermentation takes place in fermentation vessels that come in various forms, from huge cylindroconical vessels, through open stone vessels, to wooden vats. It is during this phase of fermentation that sugar gained from malt is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide, and the product may be called beer for the first time.
The amount of tanks is calculated exactly by the fermentation cycle for several beers.
All manhole, valves, pressure gauges, fittings etc. are included.

​Fermentor configuration

1 Total capacity 3500L
2 Effective capacity 3000L
3 Material SUS304
4 Interior 3mm
5 Exterior shell 2mm
6 Insulation material PU
7 Insulation TH 100mm
8 Top type Dished head
9 Manhole Type Top/side
10 Manhole size Φ350
11 Inner cone 60 degree
12 CIP pipe Diameter Φ32
13 CIP ball 360º Rotating spray ball
14 Temperature sense PT100 sensor
15 Inner Polishing 0.6um
16 Design pressure 0.3Mpa
17 Cooling type Dimple cooling jacket
18 Cooling area 1.5 m2
19 Pressure control Mechanical pressure relief valve
20 Pressure gauge 1pc
21 Rotating Racking arm 1pc
22 Sample port Φ38
23 Drain outlet Φ51
24 Safety valve (PVRV) Φ51
25 Carbonation stone 1 pc



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