4000L DEGONG Manufacturer Make Craft Commericial Brewhouse Unit Professionnal Beer Equipment

4000L Professionnal Beer Equipment is typically applied to commercial industrial breweries witch is much larger than the microbreweries. With the society development, more and more people are interested in craft beer. And nothing brews delicious beer better than Grain beer brewing equipment.Our brewhouse is the system for beer brewing from the beginning of mashing process stage until the wort is cooled then passed into fermenters. Both decoction mashing and infusion mashing can be done with our equipment.


4000L professional beer equipment is usually used in commercial industrial breweries. There is nothing better than grain beer brewing equipment to brew delicious beer. Our brewery is a beer brewing system that starts from the sugar process, and the wort enters the fermentation tank after cooling.

Professionnal Beer Equipment


4000L beer brewery equipment configuration is as follows:

Mill system

Malt crushing equipment used disc type mill or roller mill.The size of particle can be adjusted

Mash system(Brewhouse unit)

4000L mash tun+lauter tun+whirlpool/kettle tun

4000L hot water tank

Two stages corrugated board type Plate heat exchanger(SUS304) for wort cooling

Wort pump: Stainless steel 304 food deliver pump

Stainless steel 304 operation plateform


Professionnal Beer Equipment

Fermentation system

Stainless steel 304 60 conical cylindrical fermentation tanks

Tanks quantity is exactly calculated by fermentation cycle for various beers

Double wall stainless steel 304 bright beer tanks

Stainless steel 304 yeast adding tank

Top/Side manhole, breather valve, mechanical regulator valve, sight glass, butterfly valve, ice water solenoid valve, pressure gauge, temperature probe(PT100), raking arm, adjustable foot and legs.


Professionnal Beer Equipment

Cooling system

Insulated glycol water tank with or without copper coil for glycol liquid holding and mixing

Efficiency chillers or refrigeration unit with fryonto supply cooling energy

Sanitary centrifugal pump for glycol water recycle among tanks and heat exchanger

All pipes, fitting, insulation materials


Professionnal Beer Equipment

Control system

Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for brewhouse

Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for cooling parts

Temperature controller, thermocouple, solenoid valves etc

PLC with touch screen panel for special request


Professionnal Beer Equipment

Cleaning system

Washing pump: Stainless steel anticorrosion pump

Alkali tank: Stainless steel 304; welds grinded to Ra 0.6μm

Sterilization tank: Stainless steel 304; welds grinded to Ra 0.6μm

About equipment feature

We make sure the 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield. We use the central system of argon.
The argon will help to reduce the oxygenation.They will be polished to arrive to 0.6 μm without dead corner firstly, do acid pickling, passivation.
Which will help to remove the oxygenation on welding line; and form protection film on the steel to avoid rust. It will help you to extend the tanks life time.

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