-5 Degree Glycol Chiller Air / Water Cooled Glycol Chilling System For Dairy

Model :DGET-90W  ,DGET-125W,

              DGET-165W~  DGET-800W



-5 Degree Glycol Chiller Air / Water Cooled Glycol Chilling System For Dairy

Model :DGET-90W  ,DGET-125W,

              DGET-165W~  DGET-800W


This series machines are widely used in chemical industry, brewery plant, electroplating, plastic, metal, chemical, electronics, food preservation, laser engraving, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning, high frequency and other industries.

Adopt high-quality, new design scroll compressor, high performance, mute, power and durability.

Equipped with sophisticated electronic circuitry, its temperature precision controlled within ±1℃, just start inching power switch to the desired temperature can operate automatically when the system into acid, cooling water drying up, blower protection, pump protection, phase sequence protection, compressor protection, when protection, frost.

All of the air cooled chiller price components adopt the imported brand, all of the pasrt from original supplier directly, such as BITZER, COPELAND, DANFOSS, SCHNEIDER and etc.

1. Cooling capacity: 45kw~161kw

2. liquid inlet temperature is 0 degrees, outlet temperature is -5 degrees.

3. Input power: 3P-380V-50Hz, Allowable fluctuate voltage: ± 10%, allowable voltage difference in phase: ± 2%. ( 3P-415V-60HZ and 3P-230V-60HZ is ok)

4. Accept orders for special requirements.

5. Industrial and durable design, with stainless steel water tank and high-lift pumps.

6. Wide range of variable chilled water temperature to meet the industrial requirements throughout whole year.

7. Designed as an independent refrigeration circuit, each compressor corresponding to one refrigeration circuit.

8. Refrigerant use R22 or Friendly choose to use environmentally R404A or R134A refrigerant.

Cooling Capacity kw 63 87 114 122 152 164 193
Power 220V/380V/415V/460V, 50HZ/60HZ; 3PHASE
Refrigerant Type R22/R407c/R404A
Control Thermostatic expansion valve
Outlet Temperature -5
Compressor Type Semi-closed screw type
Power (kw) 22 29 36 40 48 53 59
Start Y-△
Capacity 25%-50%-75%-100%
Evaporator Type High efficiency copper tube shell and tube type
Flow  m³/h 10.8 14.9 19.5 20.9 26.1 28.1 33.1
Inlet/Outlet DN50 DN65 DN80 DN80 DN80 DN80 DN100
Condenser Type High efficiency threaded copper tube shell and tube type
 Flow m³/h 18.3 23.6 30.5 33.2 40.7 44.1 51.5
Inlet/Outlet DN50 DN65 DN80 DN80 DN80 DN80 DN100
Protection System Compressor overheat protection, high/low pressure protection,phase missing/sequence protection, flow rate protection, anti-frozen protection.
Dimension L mm 2300 2300 2500 2500 2500 2800 3200
W mm 750 750 750 750 800 800 800
H mm 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Noise (dB) 73.1 73.7 74.8 78.4 79 80.4 80.4
Weight (kg) 660 700 800 975 1000 1150 1250


1.Nominal cooling capacity is according to:

        Inlet chilled fluid temperature: 0℃

        Outlet chilled fluid temperature: -5℃

        Inlet cooling water temperature: 30℃

        Outlet cooling water temperature: 35℃

        Fouling factor:0.0001m²℃\W

2.We reserve the right to modify the above dimension or parameter Without further notice.

  And we can manufacture different type chillers as per your need.