500 litres and 1000 litres hot seller stainless steel brewing equipment breweries

DEGONG provides semi and fully automated beer brewing equipment worldwide, including installation, training to start your production. We deliver Brewhouses,Fermenters & turnkey projects and  like tanks, CIP unit, Keg cleaning, pasteurizer, yeast propagation.


Breweries Configuration

A set of brewhouse system for start-up beer breweries business

Brewery 1000L Up to 2-4 batches ;

productivity from 1000 L to 100,000 L monthly;

Brewhouse – 1000L of wort per batch;

Cellar tank:Fermentation tanks and brite beer tanks;

Cooling station;

Additional equipment(Malt elevator, water treatment, filling line, pasteurization, etc.);

Supervision installation.


Get engineer-specific drawings for your breweries project


Fermentation tanks with side hatch(top hatch accessible) breweries


How to Start a Brewery: growing your own Craft Beer Business

This guide will cover the seven essential steps to starting a brewery:

  • Planning a brewery
  • Finding a brewery location
  • Choosing brewery equipment
  • Building relationships with vendors and the local community
  • Funding a brewery
  • Obtaining insurance before opening a brewery
  • Keeping regulations in mind when starting a brewery


Breweries details


Turnkey brewery equipment parts


Brewhouse plumbing & piping


False bottom;Rakes;Spent grain hatch and supporting legs

Equipment features:

We only use quality 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel
Welders who have been welding for more than ten years only.
Key components only use internationally renowned brands
Such as: SIEMENS, ABB control instrument using the best
No matter which part of the weld is welded, we shall protect it with argon.

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