500L/5BBL super customized turnkey beer equipment for brewing craft beer

The brewery equipped with semiautomatic control panel.Staff training occurs during installation of equipment and test brews. The system can be heated by steam,electricity or gas;and controlled by manual,semi-automatic or full automatic.The mainstream of two-vessel brewhouse is steam heated and semi-automatic controlled system.


 The brewhouse is both the heart and engine of the brewery where several critical processes in the creation of craft beer is performed. Brewhouses, along with other key pieces of brewing equipment, vary in capacity, features, and complexity, but all brewhouses share the need to wet grain, separate the wort from the grain, and boil the wort with a heating source. The three most common brewhouse heating sources are:
Steam heating or Electric heating


Excellent sus 304 beer equipment 

Here are the specification of the 500L brewing equipment

1. Brewhouse system 500L
1). Structure: Customizable (2-vessel; 3-vessel; 4-vessel)
2). Heating method: Gas, steam, electrical heating method (My recommendation is the steam heating method for heating more evenly)
3). Working platform with the workstation on it
4). Thickness of inner shell, outer shell and jacket is separately 3.0mm,2.0mm and 1.5mm.
5). Glass manhole at the top of the brewhouse tanks. (Logo of brewery can be printed on it freely)
6). ABB variable frequency pump; Siemen motors for the raker and blender
7). Equipping chute for removing the spent grain from the lauter easily

turnkey 500L-min.jpg

 beer equipment 2-vessel brewhouse system with hopper

2. Fermentation tank/Unitank Can be 500L or 1000L(To fit Double batches of beer).
1). Control method: Temperature control
2). Alternative manholes: Lateral manhole or top manhole.Racking arm is theoretical necessary.
3). Conical fermenter with 60 degree conical angle.
4). Working pressure: 1.5-2 bar; Design pressure: 3 bar
5). With CIP pipe at the side to wash out tank thoroughly.
6). Thickness is same as the brewhouse system
7). Insulation: Polyurethane thickness depends on the capacity of fermenter(70-100mm)
8). All components are included. Such as relief valve, mechanical regulation valve, pipes, hop adding hole, thermometer, Temperature probe, Sample valve, etc…

3.Cooling system
1). Glycol water tank (Quantity and capacity should depend on the fermenter).
2). Cold water tank(Optional)
3). Refrigeration unit (Generally 5HP for the 500L system) 4). Circulation pump


 Beer equipment glycol tank and chiller

4. 100L CIP system
1). 100L sanitary tank
2). 100L alkali tank
4). Mini control panel

5. Control system
Control system includes 2 types of control method: Fully automatic and VFD control method.
1). VFD control method: Control the fermenter and brite beer tank and brewhouse by temperature.
2). Fully automatic control method means all things is automatic. sush as the valves are all pneumatic, The raker and blender of the lauter tun and kettle can be hydraulic control, the milling system(miller and malt conveyor) is also automatic, you can set in your PC and then it can feed the mash tun automatically.

control-min.jpgSemi-automatic control cabinet

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