500L craft customized stainless steel fermentation equipment for sale


Beer brewing process Malt is ground in the grain mill.

The milled grains are transported with bags to mash kettle.

In the mash tun the grist is mixed with brewing water from hot water tank(to form the mash)

In the lauter tun the dissolved liquid extract (wort) is separated from the solids (spent grains)

Brewing kettle is used for boiling.

Whirlpooling is creating by circulating the wort.

The cold wort is pumped through a hose from the heat exchanger to the fermentation cellar via the brew house pump.

The wort ferments in the fermentation tank.

The green beer matures in the serving tank.

After the ageing process the beer can be served directly from this tank.

Fermenting tank & bright beer tank

This 500L fermenting machine, which also pressure homebrew fermentation is designed and produced for the use of beer fermentation application, with chilling jacket and body insulation. Users can acquire pressure and temperature paraments with the installed indicator; The specially designed top manhole is very convenient for adding and remove hops; The CIP spray ball makes cleaning easily and completely; Beside fermentation performance, it can also be used as bright beer storage tanks; It is very suitable for medium brew occasion like pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Fermenting tank detailed pictures

Optional Components
Hop add hole Safe valve Side valve CIP
Thermometer Temp. sensor Level indicator Level sensor
Bottom jacket Barrel jacket Sample valve Bottom drain
Rotational inlet& outlet Pressure gauge Lift ears Adjustable feet
Connectors Tri calmps

Fermentation tank technical parameter
Material:SUS 304

Volume: 500L

Vessel Style: Ellipse top & Conical bottom
Inner Shell =3mm;External Shell=2mm

Jacket: Dimple plate thickness=1.5mm

Insulation: Polyurethane 100mm

Design pressure:0.3Mpa,working pressure:0.12-0.15Mpa

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