500L microbrewery good quality beer brewing equipment for sale

The red copper brewhouse is also the preferred choice for most brew pub. The fermentation tanks for brew pub is usually not large but with more numbers for serving more beer flavors on taps.  A typical brewing process for brew includes milling, mashing, fermentation, maturing, cooling, controlling, cleaning, filling and beer serving.


500L customized beer brewing equipment

Beer brewing equipment

DEGONG EQUIPMENT developed a line of breweries with productivity performance from 200 L to 5000 L of wort per batch. The cost of equipment includes supervision installation, commissioning, experimental brewing and personnel training and more.

The advantages of brewing equipment made by DEGONG EQUIPMENT:

Long life and easy maintenance.

Compact. To place a brewery a relatively small area is required. The equipment itself can be made as an element of the interior, thereby turning it into effective marketing ploy.

Quick payback of investments.

Brewing equipment is presented in two complete sets:

Basic semi-automatic. It is cheaper, but it has everything you need to brew excellent beer.

Fully automated (computerized). It doesn’t require human intervention and simplifies the entire process of brewing.

Modern brewing equipment is made according to technological and technical standards:

Special European-made stainless steel AISI 304 used in the food production manufactures.

High-quality surface treatment of stainless steel and welds directly contacted with beer liquid, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria in micropores and microcracks.

Internal treatment of stainless steel at the mirror level.

A variety of options for the vessel execution. The copper can be used forexterior the brewhouse.

A complete set of equipment for the preparation of high-quality unfiltered beer.

There different variations in the composition of brewery, depending on where the brewery will be located, in a restaurant or as a separate brewery.


2 vessel brewing equipment system


3vessel brewing system including mash/lauter、brew kettle/whirlpool and a hot water tank


Brewing equipment system capacity
Brewery-500L/batch Brewery 500 L – productivity from 500 L to 60,000 L monthly;

Up to 4 batches in 16 hours;

Brewhouse – 500 L of wort per batch;

Fermentation compartment;

Cooling station;

Additional equipment;

Supervision installation.

Brewery-1000L/batch Brewery 1000 L – productivity from 1,000 L to 120,000 L monthly;

Up to 4 batches in 16 hours;

Brewhouse – 1,000 L of wort per batch;

Fermentation compartment;

Cooling station;

Additional equipment;

Supervision installation.

Brewery-5000L/batch Brewery 5000 L – productivity from 5,000 L to 600,000 L monthly;

Up to 4 batches in 16 hours;

Brewhouse – 5,000 L of wort per batch;

Fermentation compartment

Cooling station;

Additional equipment;

Supervision installation


Brewhouse System–brewing equipment

We offers flexible Brewhouse designs to ensure that optimal efficiency is achieved while including all requirements that a customer may have (such as spacing, tank distribution, etc.) Producing a high quality beer requires consistent brews and although experience plays a crucial rolein the process, the limiting factor is the quality of the Brewhouse being used. Having a high quality Brewhouse will ensure that you have the necessary tools to keep the same flavor profile with every batch!

500L Electric brewing system

1) Fully insulated mash tun and brew kettle mounted on a modular, radius edge, stainless steel under-frame, designed for easy and efficientinstallation in almost any structure.

2) 100% certified 304 sanitary food grade stainless steel in all of our components. Zero mild steel in our brewhouse, kettles or brew deck.

3) A Mash out manway and true Vee-Wire False Bottom for rapid and efficient cleanup.

4) A Design that allows infinite control, endless flexibility and precise repetition.

5) All necessary equipment to monitor the quality of the brew.

6) Steam, Electric or Direct Fire for heating.


Beer fermentation tanks in brewery

500L Fermentation tanks with top manway

Fermentation system

1) 100% certified 304 sanitary food grade stainless steel in all of our components.

2) 360 Spray ball for effective CIP cleaning

3) Manway for easy access to the interior of the tanks (for cleaning or inspection)

4) Safety Pressure valve to protect the tanks from being over pressurized or creating negative pressure.

5) Accessible sampling valve for beer monitoring

6) Carbonation Stone



The brewery consists of mash-filtration apparatus and wort brewing device with whirlpool function.

The brewing process consists of four canonical stages – mashing, filtering, boiling and whirlpool.

Mashing and filtering takes place in the same unit and it isn’t necessary to pump mash after mashing to the filtration vessel.

Implemented the possibility of a decoction mashing method.

Wort brewing and whirlpool takes place in the second unit. This arrangement allows reducing the time for pumping, as well as the total time spent on brewing.

In addition, this brewing arrangement reduces the time between brews and, as a result, increases the number of possible brews per day up to 4.


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