500L1000L electric brewhouse system customized brewery equipment for sale

Whether you are a start-up, a well-established craft brewery or a market leading brand – you can benefit from DGET in the brewery industry. Our catalog of high-quality equipment ranges from complete systems to process units to components.
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DGETworks with brewers large and small to design and fabricate custom brewhouses, cellar tanks and various other sophisticated brewery-specific support vessels and systems. The DGET Brewery team combines decades of experience engineering brewhouse equipment, brewing, process engineering, fabricating sanitary stainless systems and integrating automation & control systems.


Bright appearance brewery equipment with optional grain hopper

Brewhouse system features:


2 vessel brewhosue brewery equipment
Brewery equipment–Mash/lauter tun
  • 150 degree bottom design

  • Grist hydrator

  • Retractable lautering rakes with spent grain plow assembly

  • Actuated knife-gate valve for spent grain removal

  • Under-screen flush sprayers

  • Multi-port wort draw off plumbing

  • Differential pressure sensors

  • Optional side steam jacket

Brewery equipment–Brew kettle/whirlpool tank
  • Steam Jackets

  • Optional external calandria for accelerated boil

  • Over boil protection

  • Vent stack condenser

  • Kettle sour capability

  • Dual tangential inlet design

  • Re-circulation plumbing to cool wort pre-whirlpool for hop additions

access with slide-min.jpg


Spent grains access with slide;top-manhole for feeding and checking

Fermentation system features:


Customizable fermentation tank

Brewery equipment–Fermentation Tank(CCT)

All parts of our beer fermentation tanks are made in top-grade certified stainless steel materials (2B or precise polish for available surface).We also can custom fabricate any tank to meet your brewery’s space and height restrictions.

Also referred to as uni-tanks, these are cylindro-conical tanks for fermentation and post-fermentation of beer.



  • all pipes and fittings are provided by high-quality certified suppliers in China

  • vacuum and pressure safety valves, complying with all standards and positioned for an easy cleaning

  • fermentation controller device from quality

  • stainless steel pressure gauge

  • technological pipings on the tank (beer pipe, yeast pipe, CIP pipe) produced with using the bending technology where no welding is used resulting that there are no infection points that might occur at welding joints

  • integrated cleaning head scaled to the volume of tank available in different types (static, rotary)

  • optionally tanks can be equipped with scaled polycarbonate instrument for measure tube with lower and upper instrument for measuring taps

  • depending on tank sizes, each tank equipped with 1-2 pcs of accurate thermal sensor


Mechanical regulating valve;pressure gauge;sample valve

Side amnhole;thermometer;carbonation stone


Cold liquor tank and chiller for cooling beer

Brewery equipment–Common Glycol Chiller Options:

Nano 5/7 HP Glycol Chiller (located inside your brewery)

Packaged Air Cooled Chillers (located outside or inside)

Expandable Packaged Air Cooled Chillers


We size glycol chillers specifically to suit your unique brewing system. This allows for the most efficient and effective operation. To accurately size the glycol chiller correctly we need to know the following:

How many tanks (and what size) do you want the system to support initially?

Will the system be supporting a two stage wort chiller as well?

Does your outside temperature drop below 30-degrees F? If so, how low?

DGET introduction:

Whether you are a start-up, a well-established craft brewery or a market leading brand – you can benefit from DGET in the brewery industry. Our catalog of high-quality equipment ranges from complete systems to process units to components. 


In restaurants, bars and hotels etc.

After-sales service:

  • After delivering the equipments to our customers, DEGONG will arrange special worker to do the track service, because we set up the marketing department for specially dealing with the feedback of customers for providing the satisfied service.  

  • Within the warranty period, any malfunctions caused by the quality issues, DEGONG will be responsible to it. 

  • For the malfunctions beyond the warranty period, DEGONG will also be responsible to it, but the seller should take in charge of the expenses. 


Our certification

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: standard wooden package 

Package Type : As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It’s suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers’ special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on. 


Contact information:

If you are interested in our craft brewing equipment, need a quotation or you simply want to discuss your project with us, get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.