5bbl-20bbl popular size beer brewing system automatic brewery

Whether you are looking for a complete system or a single tank to expand your present operation, DEGONG builds equipment solutions tailored to meet your budget, your layout, and your investment goals.


We give brewers the design expertise, equipment, and support they need to design and build the exact brewery they need. Our turnkey brewhouse systems combine technology with our experience in construction, engineering, and programming to ensure you total control over the brewing process and keep your production running smoothly.

The ability to shape your process to the infinite level, either with a manual or full automation, is what gives artists like you the ability to craft the newest trends and familiar favorites your customers are thirsting for. Add to that quality that’s second to none, and DEGONG provides you an environment to shine confidently.

1.Brewhouse System 

Layout And Tank Designed To Your Exact Specifications For Highest Efficiencies And Integration

First Class Controls With Options From Basic Analog To Fully Auto On Any Size System

Touch Screen Interfaces For Brewhouse And Cellar Control

Blending Automation For Hitting Mash-In / Sparge Flow Quantity, Rate And Temperature

Knock Out Heat Exchanger Sized For Rapid Cooling

Lauter / Sparge Flow Control For Easy Transfer

Copper brewhouse system on the brewery platform 


2.Hop Back 

Multipurpose Infuser For Pellets, Whole Hops, Fruit And More

Mobile Unit To Incorporate In Brewhouse Or Cellar

Tilting Capabilities For Dumping To Promote Safety And Ease Of Use


3.CIP Cart (Clean In Place Cart) 

Mobile Unit For Cleaning Throughout Your Brewery

Dual Vessel For Chemical Storage And Recovery With Built In Heating

Additional Functionality As Independent Trolley Pump

Brushed 304 stainless steel

50-300 liter sizes available

Single or dual vessel design

Variable frequency drive controls for pump

Built in electric heating element

Temperature controls on heated vessel

1.5″ stainless steel process piping and valves with tri-clamp connections

Piping manifold for stand-alone pump use

Locking casters for portability

Intuitive operational design


Brewery CIP cleaning system portable cart


4.Fermentation Vessels brewery 

Available In Sizes Ranging From 3 Bbl To 240+ BBL

Top Quality Fabrication For Sanitary Operation

Fully Customizable For Building And Brewer-Specific Functions

Brewery Conial fermentation tanks have stock

5.Horizontal Stackable Lager Tanks 

Our horizontal tanks are available ranging in size from 3 BBL to 120 BBL. Our horizontal tanks provide you the ability to lager your own beer. We also provide the ability stack the horizontal lager tanks to help with saving space and utilizing your breweries foot print.

Certified 304 stainless-steel material. Sanitary construction with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. All tanks and jackets inspected, and pressure tested. All tanks are insulated with high efficiency polyurethane foam. DEGONG will custom fabricate your tanks to meet your brewery’s space and height restrictions.

Custom your own brewery from DEGONG Manufacturer