5BBL/7BBL best price Brewery Equipment craft brewhouse conical fermenter in Bar/hotel/restaurant

best price Brewery Equipment is a good choice for barbecue, restaurant who brew beer for customer at scene. Small floor coverage makes it possible to show consumers the whole process of beer brewing.The luxury and sanitary process comforts the consumers and give them impressed experience.Each winemaker has his own understand when brewing beer.We are able to design the equipments according to your personalized request.


Best price Brewery Equipment brief introduce


Material: sus304/316 or red copper

Fuction: beer brewing

Insulation: polyurethane

Insulation thickess: 80mm polyuretane

Control: semi-automatic or full automatic

Cleaning:CIP system, movable with wheel

Best price Brewery Equipment feature

installation and training service offered by profession engineer.

Brewhouse Combination Diversification

Decoction, infusion, multi-step infusion mashing can be realized.

Electric, Steam, Gas directly fire heating source for optional

Mirror polishing and wire drawing SUS 304 for optional, thickness: 3-4mm

Rational layout, Humanized design and convenient operation

best price Brewery Equipment

Mirror polishing fermentation tanks

Brewing process

best price Brewery Equipment

Best price Brewery Equipment description

Brewhouse(steam, direct fire or electric heated)

Mash tun (with mixer, frequency drive)

Lauter tun(flase bottom, rake system, sparging)

Wort kettle/whirlpool tun with heating system

Pumps with ABB motor

Stainless steel 304 operation platform

Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates

10hl fermentation tanks/bright beer tanks

Glycol cooling system

CIP system

Grain mill machine

PLC Siemens control system

Beer bottling line: bottle filling&capping machine, labelling machine, beer bottle washing machine, Kegs washer and filler

A complete of brewery equipment
1 Mill system malt miller machine
2 Mash system

mash/lauter tun

boiling/whirlpool tun

hot water tank

plate heat exchanger

operation platform


3 Fermentation system

fermentation tank

bright beer tank

yeast adding tank

4 Cooling system

ice water tank

qlycol tank

refrigeration unit

pump & valves


CIP system

alkali tank (hot)

cleaning pump

movable with wheel

6 Control system

full automatic


Brewing ewuipment details show

best price Brewery Equipment

working mash system

best price Brewery Equipment

fermentater details(cone bottom, legs, side manhole)

If you want to bulid a brewery of your own, contact with me freely, come on!