5HL 50L Hotel /Home Brewing System Stainless Steel Home Brew Equipment



50L Home Brewing System hotel , Stainless Steel Home Microbrewery Equipment 


Quick Detail:


  1. Size: 1320 x 530 x 1930(L×W×H, mm)
  2. Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
  3. Condition: New
  4. Usage: Home brewing
  5. Capacity: 50L or customized
  6. Heating: Gas
  7. Certification: ISO9001 / CE
  8. Thickness: 3mm
  9. Volume design: Properly according to the capacity requests
  10.  Processing: Wort processing for beer brewing
  11. Voltage: 220V/380V(Or to be customized)
  12.  Warranty: 12 months





This equipment composed of mash lauter tun, kettle whirpool tun, hot water tank, skid, as well as control box

Natural gas heating is available

The Size of this machine (L×W×H) is 1320mm×530mm×1930mm

High quality equipment

Advanced technology

We offer you 12 months warranty

Can be designed according to your requests

We can offer you professional solutions for your brewing equipment and plant

Nice appearance

Easy to operate

Easy to clean

Long service life





This equipment is used for homebrew for beer brewing lovers, and it also can be used for all kinds of beer’s brewing test, and hotel, brewpub, bar, laboratory, brewing institute and so on.





Size(L x W x H, mm)1320 x 530 x 1930
Standard featuresMash lauter tun
Kettle whirpool tun
Hot water tank
Control box



Competitive Advantage:


  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible production of small amount of beer
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice appearance
  • High quality product
  • Advanced technology
  • Custom built, meet your needs exactly
  • We can offer you professional solutions for your brewing equipment and plant
  • This machine has a long service life
  • Small floor coverage
  • Portable and easy moving