5HL brewery equipment customized turnkey craft beer machines needed to brew beer


5HL brewery equipment is the best option of brewery equipment for a starting your own brewery business.And it also is a good choice for large restaurant used or creating your own beer brand.The brewery consists of a brewing part(mashing system/brewhouse),fermentation part and other auxiliary equipment.

Beer brewhouse of 5HL brewery equipment introduction

The compact Brewhouse section consists of two universal apparatus: Mash-Lauter tun (M-L) and Kettle-Whirlpool tun (K-W). Both devices are able for heating, which gives a wide range of opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas of brewers. Small dimensions and well-thought-out piping system of the brewhouses makes the workflow simple and convenient.


Combined 2-Vessels Brewhouse System:

500L Mash-Lauter Tun

500L Kettle-Whirlpool Tun

1000L Hot Liquor Tank

3T wort pumps

7m2 plate heat exchanger

Hops filter

Aeration device

External wort grant (optional)

Brew kettle condensate collector (optional)

Grist case/hopper (optional)

Hop back (optional)

Steam boiler(optional for steam heating method)


Heating method

Electricity/steam/gas direct fire heating


Mirror polishing to 0.4-0.6 micron


100% TIG welding


CE, PED, ISO9001

Control system



3 years



Cooling system

Dimple plate

False bottom

5mm, removable and easy clean


SUS304 or red copper


Inside: 3.0mm, outside: 2.0mm


Polyurethane 100mm


Beer fermentation tank

DEGONG beer fermentation tank is made in top grade certified stainless steel materials(2B or precise polish for available surface).Fully equipped pressure resistant, glycol jacketed, stainless steel cylindroconical vessel designed for fermentation, maturation and carbonisation of most types of beverages.

We have specification of 50l~50000l stainless steel beer fermentation tank,also we can produce as our client’s request.

Fermentation tank(CCT/Unitank)



V total=1300l, V net=1000l;

Н = 2550 mm , Ø = 1300 mm,

Material: Steel AISI 304

– Thermal insulation (polyurethane) – 100mm;

–  Rotary cleaning ball

–  Upper/side manhole

–  Wort-hose connection DN 32

–  Cooling jacket (cone + cylinder)

–  Pressure-relief device

–  Temperature sensor

–  Sampling valve

–  Level indicator

–  Carbonation stone

–  Hops adding port



Our engineer go to Visit customer’s brewery and explore brewing technology

We have obtained ISO/CE/PED ceritification,which is issued by Germany institution TUV

Factory/Working shop