5HL turnkey micro stainless steel craft brewery equipment for sale

Professional craft brewery equipment, made of sanitary stainless steel 304, CE ISO TUV approved, available in capacity from 50L to 5000L, totally custom built, mainly used in hotel, brewpub. Any questions, do not hesitate to let me know


Brewhouse System

Brewhouse, deemed as a beating heart of your craft brewery equipment, is vital to the quality of your beer. A weak and defective brewhouse can not work and last for long. Its main mission is to extract the useful matters like protein, sugar and get the wort ready for fermentation. How the brewhouse is structured and the used components directly affect the working efficiency. The most concerned specifications of a brewhouse are listed below. By the way, our brewhouse is custom built if you have your own specific requirements.

The brew house system(2-vessel and hot water tank)


Material of brewhouse Non-magnetic & food grade stainless steel 304, AISI 304, Red copper
Structure of brewhouse 3-vessel (mash/lauter; kettle/whirlpool; hot water tank), 4-vessel (mash/lauter; kettle; whirlpool; hot water tank)
Heating method Gas; electric; steam heating method
Insulation PU (polyurethane)
Brand of pump ABB motor
Brand of motor of raker SEW; ABB; SIEMENS
Plate heating exchanger 25 square meters; Dual cooling zone
Control method Fully automatic control method
Valve Pneumatic valves
Cleaning With water spraying high -low ball of 360 degree coverage

Beer brewery equipment back view

Fermentation System

Conical jacketed beer fermentation tank

After the wort is transferred into fermenter, the fermentation process that lasts for a certain time starts. Yeasts consume oxygen to reproduce themselves at the first stage. During the second stage, alcohol and water are formed by anaerobic respiration. The beer is drinkable after the fermentation process.

Customizing tanks to fit a space is common and no additional charge in most cases. Degong has designed and installed stackable fermenters, brite tanks and serving tanks. These systems save space, take advantage of available clearance and look incredibly appealing to brewery goers.


Material of brewhouse Non-magnetic & food grade stainless steel 304, AISI 304, 316L
Structure of fermenter Conical fermenter, cone angle is 60 degree
Cooling method Dual dimple jacket zone
Insulation PU (polyurethane)
Manufacturing technique 100% TIG welded with argon gas protection
Manhole Side manhole
Max pressure 3.0 bar
Working pressure 1.5-2 bar
Components Pressure relief valve, dry hopping hole, lift lugs, pressure gauge, thermometer, temperature sensor, sample valve, racking arm, drain, mechanical regulating valve, Carbonation stone well option available, ladder hooks,
Cleaning With water spraying high -low ball of 360 degree coverage
Connection Complete clamp connection

Company introduction


DEGONG is a large manufacturer of beer brewing equipment, which the headquarter is located in China. Dedicate to beer equipment, beer fermentation equipment, beer bottling machine, beer keg filling machine, beer filter machine, wine production equipment, wine fermentation tank, pasteurizing equipment, water treatment equipment, steam boiler and so on. Provide the total solution to customer from designing, consulting, product to project implementation.

DEGONG was established at 2009, and we are world-renowned for professional beer equipment manufacturing and wine equipment manufacturing. We research and develop beer brewing system and beer bottling machine independently from 2012, and we have developed overseas market successfully.

Now we have established sales services network of more than 10 core agents,more than 100 distributors and project contractor. We have finished thousands of project.

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