600L best all in one electric brewing system customized brewery in Europe

Beer is the general term for alcoholic beverages produced by the fermentation of malt, hops, water and yeast. Beer is divided into bottom-fermented beer and top-fermented beer according to fermentation process. The bottom fermented beer includes dark beer, dry beer, light beer, cellar beer and Munich beer,ect…. and the top fermented beer includes light beer, bitter beer, rye beer, and Scottish light beer,ect…….DEGONG electric brewing system can brew all types of beer


The complete electric brewing system required equipment is Miller→mashing tank→lauter tank→boiling tank→whirlpool tank→hot water tank→wort chiller→aerobic device→yeast adding tank→fermentation tank→bright beer tank→chiller→glycol tank→CIP cleaning system-control system.


Beer mashing system information of electric brewing system

Wort preparation and fermentation are the two most important parts in the whole brewing process. Wort preparation directly affects the degree of late fermentation, and fermentation directly affects the flavor and taste of the final beer.

The preparation of wort mainly includes the following processes: mashing, wort filtration, boiling, whirlpool, wort ventilation, wort cooling.

The preparation of wort will need 4 tanks with specific functions,which is mash tank,lauter tank,boiling kettle and whirlpool tank.Of course, the mashing system will contains all necessory items,such as chiller,pumps,motor,aerobic device,platform,and so on……..

electric brewing system

Electric brewing system
The 4 tanks with specific functions can be combined freely. 
  • mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank,Optional hot liquid tank
  • mash tank+lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank,Optional hot liquid tank
  • mash/lauter tank+boiling kettle+whirlpool tank,Optional hot liquid tank
  • mash tank+lauter tank+boiling kettle+whirlpool tank,Optional hot liquid tank

2/3/4 kettle brew system

Most of our customer will choose the configuration of “mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank,Optional hot liquid tank

1.mash/lauter tank with Siemens VFD motor for raker,easy installation false bottom,,high accuracy temperature sensor,sparage ring and cleaning ball

2.Boiling/whirlpool tank with Siemens VFD motor for agitator,tangential port for whirlpool,with steam jacket or electric heating pipe,high accuracy temperature sensor,cleaning ball.

3.Hot liquid tank with steam jacket or electric heating pipe,high accuracy temperature sensor,cleaning ball.


Fermentation system-electric brewing system

The wort ferment into beer in the fermentation tank. Fermentation tanks are equipped with separate cooling zones which can be individually controlled and entirely insulated. Include CIP tube and a cleaning head. The materials and the surface finishing depend on the intended application and the customers’s specifications.

  • Include all necessary accessories,such as breathing valve,carbonation stone,sample valve,themometer, pressure gauge,mechanical regulation valve…….



Company information

Good brewing equipment is more accurate and can produce the desired beer with the minimum error. Besides, good brewing equipment will not suddenly break down during use, so as to avoid the cost loss caused by equipment failure.DEGONG always provide high quality equipment around the world.All of our equipment has passed TUV&ISO&CE&PED certification.If you are interested, please contact us for more details.