600L pub brewery equipment craft microbrewery beer making for sale

Pub brewing equipment is typically smaller than independent micro brewery equipment. The red copper brewhouse is also the preferred choice for most brew pub.It looks high-end. The fermentation tanks for brew pub is usually not large but with more numbers for serving more beer flavors on taps. Sometimes the serving tanks or kegs installed in walk-in cold room are also required behind the tap counter.We supply craft beer making equipment for a basic process to make beer from malt.


Pub brewery equipment underdraw

A typical brewing process for brew pub includes milling, mashing, fermentation, maturing, cooling, controlling, cleaning, filling and beer serving. The performance of your microbrewery can be also expanded in the future. Do you have a plan to set up your own restaurant brewery and design your own beer making equipment? Please follow us.

pub brewing equipment

pub brewery equipment mill system

Grain mill machine

Feature: high Efficiency, low noice, easy to operate, with high efficient, energy saving.

pub brewing equipment

pub brewery equipment mash system

There are several steps in the brewing process, which may include malting, mashing, lautering, boiling and whirlpool.

Normally, for 600L mash system, we recommend the available combinations, as follows:

Option1:mash /lauter tun + boiling/whirlpool tun(this is the most popular)

Option2:mash/boiling tun &lauter tun +whirlpool tun

Heating method:

You can choose steam/electric/direct fire heating.

Mash system parameter

Interior Shell: SUS304/316 full welded; TH=3.0m

Exterior Shell:SUS304/316 full welded; TH=2.0m

100mm polyurethane for insulation

Acid washing and passivating the Interior finish to 0.4um

Speed adjustable grain rake (scraper blade for optional)

False Bottom/Filter

Steam condenser with spray nozzles

Completely stainless steel work platform

Two stages or single stage plate heat exchanger

Wort pump & hot water pump

Stainless steel 304/316 operation platform

red copper brewery equipment

sight glass, raker with ABB, spent grians hatch

pub brewery equipment fermentation system

Fermentation is important in beer brewing. It plays an important role in the taste of beer. The number of fermenters is determined by production, but sometimes it depends on the style of the brewmaster.

Fermentater parameter

Insulation thickness: 100mm;

Inner tank thickness: 3.0mm; outer thickness:2.0mm

Racking Arm and discharge port with butterfly valve and fittings

dimple plate cooling jacket.

CIP arm and rotary spray ball

Release and breath valves

sample valve, mechanical pressure regulation valve

Pressure gauge & Thermometer & Sample valve

Dimple plate cooling jacket with glycol inlet and outlet

Four legs with brace and adjustable bolt

Interior of tank is mechanical polished, inner body polishing ratio 0.4μm. Out plate surface protection welding line Belt Sander Polished,welding: 100% Argon Arc welding

fermentation tank in pub

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