700L roestvrij staal Conische Fermentation Tank

Product Specifications

Top manhole or side manhole. Top manhole have better cooling effect of the tanks; Side manhole is much easily to let person enter.

The location of mahole is design according to your needs. Glycol jacket: dimple or glycol jacket.

Cooling media: glycol water or alcohol water. Design pressure 0.3MPa,Working pressure 0.2Mpa

Stringent jacket leakage test by pressured gas

Cone bottom:60°cone bottom or according to your needs.

Dry hops port on the top of tanks with butterfly valve and hopper(This can remove if the hops enter from other parts, let it make better beer.

Full sanitary sample valve, no seal ring, no pollution.


Conical stainless steel Fermentation Tank

1.Different capacities for different requirements, depend on your demands.

2.Stainless steel material 304/316

3.Inner material: stainless steel 304/316

4.Outer material: stainless steel/titanium

5.Temperature sensor(RTD)

6.Flange&dish head(single/double head)

7.Polyurethane 80~100mm

8.Rotary cleaning ball,360degree,no dead corner

9.With racking arm and agitator,sight glass manhole, with Siemens VFD for them

10.With SUS304 Plate heat exchange, two phase or one phase(according to needs)

11.Cold water tank available&optional

12. Sieve plate, laser cutting T-wires, plate gap:0.7- 0.8mm; Material is SUS 304

13.Beer brewing equipment outer thickness: 2.0~3.0mm

14.Beer brewing equipment inner thickness:3.0mm~4.0mm

15.We will provide turnkey project service, the design and others will be customized.


The numbers of stainless steel fermentation tank is according to the beer brewing equipment daily output bee

700L Conical Fermentation Tank



WerkspanningDC 24v
MateriaalBinnenste (SUS304), dikte: 3,0 mm;
IsolatiePolyurethaan dikte van 100 mm.
temperatuur manierDubbele metalen thermometer
Controle systeem:
Halfautomatische / PLC betreft het scherm / optie
Garantie: 1818 maanden
Outsourcing oppervlakte:Weld polijstbewerking
Jacket Pressure:ontwerpdruk 0,3 MPa, werkdruk <0.2 MPa.

1.Certified food grade 304 roestvrij staal

2.Highquality fittingen / afsluiters

3.a van hoge kwaliteit en toch betaalbare roestvrij staal Mirco brouwerijmateriaal

4. Dit bier apparatuur machine is brouwerij voor Pub, Bar, Restaurant ontwerp.

5. Stabiele werktafel en 20 jaar gebruik van het leven.

6. Gemakkelijk te onderhouden bespaart tijd en arbeid.

7. Deze machine is economie en concurrerend.

8.All van het materiaal is aangepast aan klantenuitrusting's.

Stainless steel fermentation tank

700L equipment is very suitable for brewpub,bar,hotel.It will not bezetten zo veel ruimte, en het zal ook de klant hoe het brouwen van bier te tonen.

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