7BBL customized jacketed brewery equipment

7BBL customized jacketed beer brewery equipment is one of the most popular equipments among all our equipments. If you are looking for a set of 7BBL beer brewery equipment, just let me know. And then I will make it strictly according to your requirements. Best Regards!


7BBL craft beer brewing equipment is one of the most used models in the pub, restaurant and hotel and as well the steam heated equipments manufactured by Degong Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. All equipments are customizable. E.g. The material can be food grade stainless steel or copper as requested, the brewhouse can be 2-vessel or 3-vessel, etc… By far, our equipments have been authorized by CE, ISO 9001, TUV. Once as the exhinit in Germany beer fair, almost all visitors who stopped by my booth gave high praises to the it. I do believe that you will enjoy using the equipment more and more as time goes. The set of equipment can be placed at somewhere divided from dining area by a glass wall which allows customers to observe the whole brewing process.

7BBL customized jacketed beer brewery equipment 

  • Model: 7BBL customized jacketed beer brewery equipment
  • Structure of brewhouse: 3-vessel(mash/lauter; kettle/whirlpool; hot water tank)
  • Heating method: Steam heating method
  • Material: Food grade stainless steel 304 or red copper
  • Platform: Stainless steel platform, Sanitary Non-slip Fiberglass Grating for Comfort
  • Grinding machine: 150Kg/H
  • Fermenter: capacity same as brewhouse or double
  • 60 degree cone bottom, with 25% head space
  • Insulation: PU  thickness: 100mm
  • Thickness of inner sheel/outer sheel/jacket: 3.0mm/2.0mm/1.5mm
  • Schneider, Siemens, Omron brand components
  • Working pressure: 1.5-2 bar     Design pressure: 3 bar
  • Dual zone dimple cooling jacket with glycol inlet and outlet
  • Control method: temperature controlled
  • Single or dual stage plate heating exchanger
  • Stainless steel reinforced glass wort grant
  • Top manhole or side manhole as requested
  • ABB sanitary wort pump
  • CIP system: 100L wheeled CIP cart
  • Control system: semi automatic or fully automatic control system
  • Certification: CE, ISO, TUV
  • Accessories: Valves, hard connecting pipes, seals, solenoid valves, etc…

  • This set of equipment is for micro brewery, especially for pub, restaurant, hotel, etc…
  • Novel structure and attractive appearance
  • More competitive price and better quality
  • CE, ISO, TUV approved equipment
  • More humanized design which allow you to operate easily
  • Compact design saving your space


If you have interest,please get in touch with me freely