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What is a mash Lauter Tun Combination?

A mash tun/lauter tun combination combines all the functionality of both a mash tun and a lauter tun, both key components in a brewhouse, into a single tank component .

Combining the mash tun and lauter tun functionality into a single tank unit increases your efficiency and reduces your brewing equipment costs

professional brewery equipment

mash tun/lauter tun combinations provide the brewer with several key advantages:

Field tested
Our direct fire mash tun & lauter tuns maintain precise temperatures while our steam mash tun & lauter tuns are designed and engineered to allow precise step-mashing
Integrated Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems allow rapid and convenient cleaning
Our proprietary mash agitator and grain out plough is designed to:
Agitate grain and direct the flow against efficient laser-welded steam jackets for optimum heat transfer
Efficiently and quickly evacuate spent grain from the vessel at the completion of brewing operations
All of our insulated vessels precisely maintain temperatures
Designed to optimize drainage without pulling vacuum or impeding flow

Professional brewery equipment

Mash/Lauter tun : installed mash agitator, rakers and false bottom for grains separation.
-Usage: Mashing, mixing-stainless steel mixer driven by frequency convertor, lautering-eparation of mash grains from wort during wort producing process.

Kettle/Whirlpool tun: wort boiling and make wort whirlpooling.
-Usage: wort boiling and whirlpooling.
-Wort Whirlpool-sanitary centrifugal mash pump activate the whirlpooling.
-Heating: electricity, gas fired or stream

Hot water tank: water heating and hot water storing/preparation.
-Connected to the controller for automatic temperature controlling.

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