beer fermentation unitank /7BBL stainless steel craft beer fermenting tank

Fermentation Tank Full high quality stainless steel fermentation tank manufacturer, wrapper with 2mm high quality stainless steel, the middle medium high performance polyurethane insulation, according to user s requirements various specifications of the product design and manufacturing Volume: 1BBL-250BBL All stainless steel According to a variety of specifications Surface can be 2B or high-precision polishing.

The 7bbl beer brewery equipment contains lauter tun,mash/kettle tun and whirlpool tun,also configure hot liquid tank and cold water tank .It adopt automatic spent grain removable system.It will have separate control panel to control the system.Beside that,the motor and pumps are controlled by VFD,most important,we adopt famous brand, the brand is ABB or Siemens.




7BBL stainless steel craft beer fermenting tank


Fermentation Tank Full high quality stainless steel fermentation tank manufacturer, wrapper with 2mm high quality stainless steel, the middle medium high performance polyurethane insulation,

according to user s requirements various specifications of the product design and manufacturing Volume: 1BBL-250BBL All stainless steel According to a variety of specifications Surface can be 2B or high-precision polishing.

The 7bbl beer brewery equipment contains lauter tun,mash/kettle tun and whirlpool tun,also configure hot liquid tank and cold water tank .It adopt automatic spent grain removable system.





  • Model: 7BBL commercial beer brewery equipment
  • Structure: steam heated beer brewhouse(can be 2-vessel or 3-vessel which depends)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • 304 SS TIG weld construction
  • Multi-pass plate heating exchanger
  • With Glass grant
  • Interior mirror polishing & 2B finish exterior surface
  • Design pressure: 3.0 bar    Working pressure: 1.5-2 bar
  • Steel manhole(Glass manhole optional)
  • Platform as optional
  • ABB sanitary wort pump(variable frequency pump)
  • With 360 coverage spraying ball attached at the top
  • With flow meter installed on the hard connecting pipes


  • 304 SS TIG weld construction
  • Operating pressure rated at 1.5-2 bar
  • Reinforced stainless steel legs with adjustable height for leveling
  • Side and bottom cooling jackets
  • Tri-clover sanitary fittings
  • Sample valve
  • Pressure/vacuum relief valve
  • Temperature gauge
  • RTD sensor
  • Side man way door (top manway optional)
  • CIP arm and rotating spray ball 360° of coverage
  • Gas arm with mechanical regulation valve
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Butterfly valves included
  • Optional racking arm available with DIN, or tri-clover fitting



  • This set of equipment is for micro brewery, especially for pub, restaurant, hotel, etc…
  • Novel structure and attractive appearance
  • More competitive price and better quality
  • CE, ISO, TUV approved equipment
  • More humanized design which allow you to operate easily
  • Compact design saving your space



  • All the materials touching the beer directly are all top quality food grade stainless steel.
  • We use the first rate valves and manholes for all our equipments.
  • I am here to guarantee all our customers that the materials are nonmagnetic.
  • The thickness of the material exactly fit in with what showed in the specification sheet.
  • If you are a new comer to the beer making field, Don’t worry, I will give you our professional recommendations. And the equipment must be top quality engineered.
  • Engineer is always available to make the relative 2D and 3D drawings for you for your reference.


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