7BBL turnkey brewery equipment with electric or steam heating larger machine available

We manufacture and supply brewhouses that vary in size from 7BBL to 100BBL beer per brew. All our brewery equipment is suitable for brewpubs, restaurants, craft breweries and beer production. DGET’S brewery systems are turn-key and consist of malt mill, heating, controls and installation and training .



Craft beer brewing equipment description
1 Malt milling system Malt mill machine and malt elevator
2 Brewhouse system

The brewhouse system can also be freely combined according to customer needs.

Mash/lauter+Brew kettle/whirlpool

Mash+lauter+Brew kettle+whirlpool+HLT

3 Fermenting system

a. Conical Fermenter(CCT) 

b. Brite beer tank(BBT) 

c. Yeast addition tank 

d. Related parts: PRV, Solenoid valves, Butterfly valves and other parts

4 Cooling system Glycol tank; glycol pump; chillers

Acid tank; Alkali tank; Sterilization tank; Transfer pump

6 Control system PLC or Instruments control system;With Siemens VFD
7 Auxiliary system

Keg and other related parts;Keg filler and washer; 

Beer filter system;Bottle line;Water treatment system

The heart of any brewery is an efficient and consistent brewhouse.Utilizing state-of-the-art, PLC’s and automation allows DGET to deliver semi-automatic or fully-automated brewhouses that deliver repeatable, efficient and high-yield brews at the right price.

Your brewery needs essential equipment: brewhouse,  boilers, bottling and canning lines, cooling systems, storage tanks, fermentation tanks, filters and beer-labeling machines, piping and tubing, refrigeration equipment, cleaning equipment, kegs,waste treatment systems and tap handles.


2 vessel brewhouse system 7BBL Brewery equipment

Multi-vessels :Brewery equipment

1. Mashing tank / Wort boiling tank – Multifunction vessel equipped with steam duplicator and stirrer for the mashing of malt grains in watert and for the boiling of wort with hops.

2. Filtering tank – the tank wit special sieve to separation of malt rests from wort before boiling wort with hops. This tank is used also for temporary storage part of mash during the decoction mash boiling process.

3. Whirlpool tank – tank equipped with a tangential inlet for centrifugal separation of solid hop rests from wort.

Brewhouse system details:


 Filter board and Wort pump

Working platform and sight glass

brewhouse details

Raker;Top manhole;brewhouse pipelines

Rectangular access of grains with slide

Heating Methods:

Steam Heating: dimple plate jacket with inlet/outlet fittings for steam heat transfer;

Electrical Heating: use electrical heaters to heat the medium in the jacket

Beer fermentation tanks are vessels of various size usually made from stainless steel that contain a mixture of malted grain, hops, yeast and water to create a liquid collectively known in the brewing process as wort. Fermentation tanks vary in temperature depending upon the beer being produced.

Brewery equipment fermenters

Fermenter details:


Ball valves and racking arm


Adding yeast tank and side manhole

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